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April 19

April 14
SFPI Radio. Our guest was Reverend Paul Bern, minister at Salt and Light Ministries, an online community of faith that belies the common perception of Christianity as a reactionary conservative force.

The discussion focused on the role of the religious Left in creating a worldwide ecumenical movement for peace and justice in the world.

April 11
Dr. Staggenborg presented to AmVets Post 10 in Coos Bay a resolution calling for Congress to grant VA benefits to all veterans determined to have PTSD as a result of their service, regardless of condition of discharge.

The resolution passed unanimously and was forwarded to the state chapter of AmVets for their consideration.

April 7
SFPI Radio. Our guest was Frank Erickson, MD. Dr Erickson is a rural doctor, member of Physicians for a National Health Program and one of Oregon's Mad as Hell Doctors. We discussed the need for a truly universal health care system, both because of economic realities and because of the untold misery of the current for-profit system of medical care that is unique to America among developed nations.

Dr Erickson is one of the few members of PNHP who has accepted the fact that we cannot solve the crisis in health care access and affordability without addressing the systemic corruption of Congress by corporate money. With this as a starting point, the conversation gets very interesting.

Listen to the show here.



March 31
SFPI Radio. Our guest was Toni Bachdahl, an early leader of  the Minnesota Tea Party Patriots. We discussed her work with the conservative community of Minneapolis and the dawning realization of just how artificial the Left-Right divide is.

While acknowledging real differences between those who consider themselves conservatives and those who consider themselves liberals, we found in the course of our discussion that we share core values that she feels are much more important than ideology.

Listen to the show here.

March 24
SFPI Radio.
Moji Agha rejoined us for a more in-depth discussion of historical and cultural factors influencing the current situation in Iran and the reaction to US and Israeli threats to attack. From the roots of the Persian Empire to the modern day political situation, we explored the political history of Iran that has led to the present threat of Armageddon in the region.

March 17

SFPI Radio.

March 11-17
Take Back America for the People sponsored a lecture tour by Rich Forer, author of Breakthrough: Transforming Fear into Compassion, A New Perspective on the Israel-Palestine Conflict. Hosting Rich in cities in Oregon from Medford to Portland and on the coast, members of TBA helped him educate attendees around the state about how peace in the Mideast can be achieved only through challenging unconscious assumptions about the nature of the conflict.

View a brief video of Rich's talk here.

View Dr Staggenborg's introduction explaining the link between corporate power in Israel and the US as a factor in the continuation of the conflict here.

March 10
SFPI Radio. Continuing one of the major themes of the previous week's show with John Perkins, guest Lawrence Turner discusses the nature of psychopathy and its influence on society, particularly the influence of psychopathic CEOs and apparently psychopathic politicians.

Listen to the show here.

In the evening Dr Staggenborg spoke about how Occupy can help pass an amendment to get special interest money out of politics at a benefit concert for Occupy Eugene. The concert was sponsored in part by Take Back America for the People and organized by TBA Vice President Larry Aguayo and his associates at StonedHam Productions.

March 8

Dr Staggenborg spoke to Coos County Americans for Prosperity on the need for a constitutional amendment to get special interest money out of politics. The talk took place the day after the passage of a Coos Bay City Council resolution calling for an amendment to abolish corporate personhood. It was pointed out that this is a necessary but insufficient part of what Pledge to Amend hold candidates accountable for. The talk was well received by this exceptionally conservative audience.

March 3

SFPI Radio. Our very special guest was former economic hitman John Perkins,co-founder of The Pachamama Alliance and Founder of  Dream Change. The topic was how to save human civilization and the earth itself.

Once a willing tool of the corporatocracy, his life was transformed by the birth of his daughter. He has devoted his life to assuring that his children and grandchildren will not grow up in the world that he helped create. His story is fascinating.

Listen here to share the dream.


February 25
SFPI Radio. Our guest was James Peterson, author of The Philosophy of Explanation. The topic was his case for the existence of a God that can be explained only through empirical observation and what can be logically deduced from it.

His theory is based on the objectivist philosophy of Ayn Rand which many consider discredited by the failure of the model to accurately predict the economic consequences of the philosophy as applied to the real world. Nonetheless, the theory has a continuing appeal to those who insist that science can ultimately explain everything that is knowable.

This has been one of our most popular shows to date, in part because of the continuing popularity of Rand's philosophy among libertarians and in part because it is one of the most controversial topics we have discussed.

Peterson's interpretation of objectivist philosophy is sure to surprise anyone who thinks they know what it means to be a libertarian.

February 18
SFPI Radio. When our scheduled guest was unable to join us from Gaza we were lucky enough to be joined by Moji Agha, an Iranian poet and cultural psychologist. We talked about the hot topic of the day, the set up of Iran as the next domino in the conquest of the Muslim world by the Anglo-American Empire and the international corporate terrorists that control it. This was the first of two shows on the topic.

Listen to the show here.

February 13
Dr Staggenborg took part in a panel discussion on the Trans-Pacific Free Trade Agreement at Harris Hall in Eugene. He talked about the provisions that give special advantages to pharmaceutical corporations that allow them to take advantage of governments and taxpayers, the general problem of multinational corporations having sovereignty over these governments on trade matters and how the problem can be dealt with by making support for a constitutional amendment as proposed under TBA's Pledge to Amend campaign an issue in congressional elections from 2012 until it passes.

February 11
SFPI Radio.  The topic was the problems with the electoral system and reforms that could help establish democracy by ensuring that each of our votes would be counted and that corporations would not be able to violate the principle of one person, one vote.

In the afternoon, Dr Staggenborg presented to Disabled Veterans of America Post 138 in Coos Bay a resolution calling for restoration of VA benefits to all veterans determined to suffer from PTSD as a result of military service,regardless of condition of discharge.

The resolution passed unanimously and was referred to the state chapter of DAV.

February 7Dr Staggenborg gave testimony at a Coos Bay City Council meeting in favor of a proposed resolution calling for the abolition of corporate personhood. He also unsuccessfully argued for amending the resolution to declare that money was not free speech and that all campaign contributions from special interest associations be banned.

The resolution passed 7-1 on April 6 and incorporated his suggested change to call on the members of Oregon's congressional delegation to introduce the amendment resolution.

February 6
Dr Staggenborg presented to the Coos County Labor Council on the need for union locals to support a constitutional amendment that would ban union PAC contributions along with corporate campaign donations.

He explained that this is good for the worker  because if national union leaders are too powerful they may fail to represent workers but their own interest in maintaining access to power, as has happened in the past.

Just as  importantly, passage of a constitutional amendment to get special interest money out of politics will require the support of conservatives who may have a different opinion about the power of unions in politics than do union members and supporters.

February 4
SFPI Radio.  Our guest was Warren Weismann of the Eugene (OR) Mutual Aid Society. The topic was anarchical societies and communities along the lines of what he is doing in Eugene. This was our attempt to dispel the myth that anarchical government amounts to anarchy.

Listen to the show here.


January 29 

Dr Staggenborg spoke to the VFW post in Bandon, Oregon about the need to stand up for veterans so damaged by serving in wars for corporate Empire that they exhibited PTSD-related behaviors that caused them to receive Other than honorable discharges, leading to denial of all VA services.

He presented a resolution calling for these rights to be restored and for all foreign nationals who served in combat to be protected from deportation or repatriated if already deported for PTSD-related criminal actions.

January 28 

SFPI Radio. Dr Humayun Mohmad, health care spokesperson for the PTI, or Pakistan movement for Justice Party.  We talked about the various factors that led to the current system of corruption and inequality in Pakistan and what Pakistanis are doing to establish a democratic society where by definition there is liberty and justice for all.

We explored the various ways in which the corporatocracy manipulates governments of nations struggling for democracy and the problems that creates for those fighting for justice for their Peoples.

January 21
SFPI Radio. Topic: FBI whistleblower Coleen Rowley discussed the overt and covert actions the US government is taking to defend the status quo against the growing resistance to fascism and America embodied in the Occupy and abolition of corporate personhood movements.

Listen to the show here.

Later in the day, Dr Staggenborg and other members of Occupy Coos Bay and local corporate personhood abolitionists carried out an Occupy the Courts demonstration in solidarity with the rest of the country.

Listen to the show here.

January 20
Dr Staggenborg spoke at a "Death of Democracy" memorial on Occupy the Courts Day in Roseburg, Oregon. His topic was how the increasing infringement of constitutional rights of individuals is a consequence of the legal fiction that corporations have constitutional rights and the way that we can take back America for the People by forcing candidates for Congress to make a Pledge to Amend the constitution to ban special interest money in elections.

January 16 

Dr Staggenborg made a presentation on Martin Luther King Day at an event sponsored by Human Rights Activists of Coos County. His topic was an exploration of King's dictum that "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

The talk included an inventory of US violations of the UN Declaration of human rights at home and abroad, connecting these to corporate control of the US government and the solution to be found through Take Back America's Pledge to Amend campaign.

January 14

SFPI Radio. Topic: The story of Susan Lindauer, former CIA asset and one of the first American casualties of the Patriot Act following 9/11. The CIA and military intelligence considered her a dangerous woman. She tried to get her superiors, members of Congress and the Bush administration to act on the opportunity to avoid war with Iran prior to the false-flag attack on the World trade Center.

We discussed the role of corporate control of the US government in staging the War of Terror that has become a useful means of promoting a permanent fascist New World Order in which international corporate terrorists can wage endless war for corporate Empire.

She is the author of 
Extreme Prejudice: The Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act and the Cover Ups of 9/11 and Iraq.
Listen to the show here

January 7

SFPI Radio. Topic: 
Our guest was Jeffrey Rupp, a thinking conservative who helped model how to people of differing political philosophies but a common interest in working together to establish a functioning democracy in America can engage in constructive dialogue to advance our mutual goals of peace and justice in the world.

Listen to the show here.



December 31

SFPI Radio. Topic: Focus on Africa. We explored the military buildup in the region and its relationship to the corporate oil and military interests. Our scheduled guest was Badru Muzidalifa, who was to help us understand the historical and political context of Uganda and the region, the effects of subjugation by a Puppet government supported by the international corporate terrorists who control the US government and the prospects for peace and democracy in the region.

A power  outage in Badru's village prevented him from joining us, but did not prevent us from having a great discussion on the topic.

Listen to the show here.

December 29

We received word that Health Care for All Oregon has endorsed Move to Amend, thanks to the efforts of Take Back America for the People.

December 24

No show on SFPI radio due to the holiday break.

December 19

Dr Staggenborg presented to People on the Edge in Florence, Oregon. He talked about the various constitutional amendments introduced this year purporting to "overturn Citizens United, " why none will actually do so, the Pledge to Amend campaign and why it can result in passage of the amendment in Congress in as little as five years.

December 17

SFPI Radio: The topic was Communal Societies. Guest Angel Marerro discussed how to avoid corporate domination on a local by creating self-sustaining communities using environmentally sound practices and locally produced renewable energy.

Listen to the show here.

December 11

Dr. Staggenborg guest hosted the internet radio program The Mary and Sallie Show. The topic was corporate personhood and the Pledge to Amend campaign. His special guest was Paul Winger of Abolish Corporate Personhood Now.

Listen to the show here.

December 10

SFPI Radio: The topic was Toward a New Economy. We discussed how to create worker-owned cooperatives along the Mandragon model. The idea of a form of capitalism where the workers were guaranteed a fair share of profits was applied to organic agriculture and Green manufacture and service industries that did not require large investments by outside corporate owners.

Listen to the show here.

December 8-22.  Larry Agauyo made a concert tour from Roseburg, Oregon to North Dakota. He spread information about the abolition of corporate personhood and recruited new members of Take Back America for the People along the way.

December 4

In Oregon's Congressional District 4 quarterly meeting, delegates endorsed a resolution calling on the members of Congress from their Congressional District to introduce a constitutional amendment to abolish corporate personhood. The resolution was introduced by a member of the Douglas County Central Committee after Dr. Staggenborg presented on the topic of corporate personhood.

December 3

SFPI Radio: The topic was Third Party Politics. Guest Tyrone Givens talked about the Occupy Party and the future of third party politics. We discussed the role of third parties in challenging the corporate-dominated Duopoly and how this fit into the general strategy of our Pledge to Amend campaign.

Listen to the show here.


November 27

Dr Staggenborg appeared on Populist Dialogues, the community access and web-based TV show of Alliance for Democracy in Portland. He explored with host and AfD national co-chair David Delk the problem of corporate personhood and Take Back America's Pledge to Amend campaign.

View the video here.

November 26

SFPI Radio: The topic was Breaking News on the Abolition Front. With no guest for the show, we discussed with callers the significance of the first two constitutional amendments that went beyond giving Congress the power to regulate corporate money in political campaigns. The problems with each were discussed along with the changes that would need to be in later amendments to satisfy all the requirements of our pledge: Abolishing corporate personhood and explicitly declaring that money is not free speech.

Listen to the show here.

November 19

SFPI Radio: The topic was Occupy: Moving Forward with guest Jorden Leonard of the Occupy Movement and Wolf Pac in Portland, Oregon. We discussed the recently passed resolution calling for a constitutional amendment abolishing corporate personhood, the role of Occupiers in furthering this goal and the hub-and-spoke model of direct democracy that Occupy Portland had begun using.

Much of the show was devoted to talking about the significance of the Occupy movement for the abolition movement. Among other things we discussed passing resolutions in city councils, presaging the eventual introduction of such a resolution by the Mayor of Portland after the camp was closed.

Listen to the show here.

November 12

SFPI Radio: The topic was Making Corporate Personhood a Campaign Issue. Our guest was Democratic Presidential primary challenger Aldous C Tyler, the first presidential candidate ever to support a constitutional amendment to abolish corporate personhood.

We discussed the consequences of corporate control of government, with particular attention to the corruption unveiled in the Keystone XL pipeline project. Aldous talked about why he was running and the politics involved. The Pledge to Amend campaign that was recently kicked off was discussed.

Listen to the show here.

November 6

Dr Staggenborg presented at the Cedar Hills United Church of Christ on why the abolition of corporate personhood is a social justice issue that churches and church members should become involved with. Comparing the modern abolition movement to the abolition of slavery movement, he made the case that this is the central social justice issue of our time and the only way to salvage the social safety net that Christ argued it was our responsibility to provide.

November 5

SFPI Radio: With no guest, the topic was Listener's Choice. We had a lively discussion about a variety of topics, including the abolition of corporate personhood. Listen to the show here.


October 29

SFPI Radio: The topic was Immigration Issues with Rita Dentino of Casa Freehold. We discussed how the politically charged issues surrounding immigration are directly affected by the corporate interest, from giant agribusiness corporations that depend on virtual slave labor to the private prison industry that is benefiting from the government's crackdown on excess cheap labor from Latin America. We connected a lot of dots in this interesting and informative discussion.

Listen to the show here.

October 22

SFPI Radio: The topic was Abolishing Corporate Personhood with fellow Board member Tracy Phillips. This was an in-depth exploration of how to get a constitutional amendment passed by making it a campaign issue. We explored the reasoning behind the strategy and details of how it might be implemented, outlining the Pledge to Amend campaign before its official launch.

Listen to the show here.

October 15

SFPI Radio: The topic was The International Drug War. Our guest was Jeffrey Dhywood, the author of WW-D: The Case Against Prohibitionism, A Road to legalization. We discussed the reasons that the US government continues to back the expensive, repressive and ultimately futile "war" on drugs. From profits to corporations in the war-torn regions that are the center of these conflicts to the funding of CIA black ops on behalf of the international corporate terrorists who control the government and the media, there are few stones unturned in this fascinating discussion.

Listen to the show here.

October 8

SFPI Radio: The topic was Mideast Peace. Guest Rich Forer talked about his book Breakthrough: Transforming Fear Into Compassion: A New Perspective on the Israel-Palestine Conflict. We discussed the transformation that will have to take place in the collective consciousness of Americans and Israelis to create a path for peace. In America this will have to include a new understanding of the role of transnational corporations in promoting conflict in the Mideast and elsewhere as a means to expand and maintain their corporate Empire.

Listen to the show here.

October 6

Dr Staggenborg began attending the Portland Occupation, pamphleting, speaking and videotaping on the topic of corporate personhood and the Pledge to Amend campaign. He gathered 500 signatures in the first week on a petition asking Senator Merkley to introduce an amendment meeting all the requirements outlined by Move to Amend and Take Back America in its Pledge to Amend campaign.

View a video from Occupy Portland featuring Dr Staggenborg and other Occupiers here.

October 1

SFPI Radio: The topic was Creating a Steady State Economy. Our guest was Rob Dietz of the Center for the Advancement of a Steady State Economy (CASSE). We discussed how to get off the treadmill of endless growth for corporate profit that is ignoring the ticking population time bomb and threatening the survival of human civilization. You won't want to miss this one.

Listen to the show here.

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