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Thursday, February 11, 2010

An Actual Tea Party

I propose a National Surrender to Corporate Overlords Act. In outline, the NSCOA would add fifty seats to the US Senate by sealed physical bid. These corporate persons may then use their free speechThe money would be used for clean elections with the rest of Congress and the remainder shared among the several states for the same purpose.

It would codify the current situation and put lobbyists where they already are, doing what they already do: write laws. It would put a permanent majority of living, breathing human beings in charge of those laws and might actually bring technocrats to the Senate instead of self-dealers. Half the lobbyists in Washington would become Senate staffers and the very word "lobbyist" would lose its negative connotation overnight.

This, and the War Tax, could be the primary causes of a new for-profit corporation. I say this because I crashed the Tea Party Convention and got an unauthorized look at how you can get away with monetizing revolution:

You can read about what happened when the media liaison for Gaylord Entertainment found out about us here.