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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cal Thomas Recognizes Overreach

Conservative Cal Thomas says of the Supreme Court decision Citizens United v Federal Election Commission: "What makes the ruling and the march ironic is that the 1973 court...downgraded a human fetus to the level of nonperson, while the modern court has invested "personhood" in corporations. Does anyone else see a contradiction or at least a moral inconsistency in these two rulings?"

Thomas is a rare conservative to admit a problem; most say it's the greatest blow for freedom since Plessy v Ferguson. Thomas is also correct to suggest the decision is judicial overreach every bit as awful as he holds Roe v Wade to be.

The very name Citizens United is Orwellian doublespeak. The ruling culminates a decades-long campaign by conservative groups like the Heritage Foundation, corporate trade associations, and assorted right-wing think tanks. It is "grounded" in the 14th Amendment, which was specifically intended to establish the rights of former slaves.

And what of these corporate "persons?" For instance, when a person sells $40 billion of toxic waste that blows up the global economy, bets on who dies first, declares an emergency to accept government help, and amasses the world's largest fortune in the process, we generally hound them to the ends of the Earth and relieve them of their accounts. Yet this comic book supervillain has a name: Goldman-Sachs. The Supreme Court has announced this psychopathic "person" has the same rights accorded to me by the Constitution. Actually, it has more rights than we do: corporations quite literally get away with murder. Blackwater, too is now a "person."

This happy state of affairs comes courtesy of a movement Thomas has abetted his entire adult life. They said, 'be afraid of Big Brother!' while endowing little brothers with unelected and unaccountable power. To this end Thomas has said much of a "right to life;" but his movement has designed a world in which that right ends at birth, leaving us all on our own against the little brothers.

I find Cal Thomas to be a contradiction, or at least a moral inconsistency.

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  1. Cal Thomas is one of the many conservatives who tries to speak the truth but is confused from the beginning becauseof the erroneous assumption that America needs to stick to the principles on which it was founded when the world is changing too rapidly for most of the older generation to follow. This is why we need younger leaders and politics should not be life-long occupation for those who cannot keep up with the pace and suffer from Future Shock when reality hits them in the face.

    Individual initiative is great wen there are job opportunites for everyone, but we now face a situation where the manufacturing sector has been abandoned, our jobs shipped off to tax haven countries where labor is cheap and easy to exploit due to the repressive governments the Western world supports.

    We need to invest tax dollars in localized,sustainable industry such as Green technology. We need to develop technologies that do not depend on materials we can only get from unstable countries or those who subjugate their own people.

    Some governments are only trying to get dollars to escape the vultures of the IMF, who are always waiting to swoop in and pick the bones of less developed countries clean after natural or manufactured disasters. What they don't realize is that they have shit in hteir own nest by destroying the global economy.