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Thursday, February 11, 2010

An Actual Tea Party

I propose a National Surrender to Corporate Overlords Act. In outline, the NSCOA would add fifty seats to the US Senate by sealed physical bid. These corporate persons may then use their free speechThe money would be used for clean elections with the rest of Congress and the remainder shared among the several states for the same purpose.

It would codify the current situation and put lobbyists where they already are, doing what they already do: write laws. It would put a permanent majority of living, breathing human beings in charge of those laws and might actually bring technocrats to the Senate instead of self-dealers. Half the lobbyists in Washington would become Senate staffers and the very word "lobbyist" would lose its negative connotation overnight.

This, and the War Tax, could be the primary causes of a new for-profit corporation. I say this because I crashed the Tea Party Convention and got an unauthorized look at how you can get away with monetizing revolution:

You can read about what happened when the media liaison for Gaylord Entertainment found out about us here.


  1. Matt, you are a freakin' genius! We have got to talk more often, man. I announced my candidacy for the first time last night, about four hours after my resignation from the VA was official and the Hatch Act no longer applied.

    The Pacific Green Party of Oregon will officially endorse me on March 6 in Corvallis, and we are putting on what we hope will be a major anti-corproate personhood evennt on the 13th in Portland Pioneer Square. We are doing this with the help of the Alliance for Democracy, of whose national Executive Committee I am now a member.

    Any chance you can make it to Oregon on the 13th? I love your sensitive treatment of rank and file conservatives. I see them as a core constituency, given that they are not able to stomach a Democratic corproate tool like Ron Wyden and the Republicrats can't offer any better here in Oregon.

  2. Also, we will be promoting the efforts of AFD and the national Green Party to abolish corporate personhood by staging a series of Green Tea parties throughout Oregon and the nation, Inshs'Allah.

    The idea is to re-enact the original, with supporters shouting anti-corporate slogans so that we can educate the general public about the real meaning of the Revolution.

    As you and I know, it was not about taxes per se but coporate privlege in the from of excusing the Queen and her cronies from the Tea tax in order to wipe out the American cottage tea industry and their Americann shippers who Parliament labelled "pirates" because they were not controlled by rich British citizens as required by their discriminatory laws.