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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Egypt’s revolution could not have happened without the energy, creativity and networking savvy of the youth in that nation. Labor leaders teaming up with young workers and their network of friends reached out to large segments of the Egyptian community to which members of the coalition were connected. Suddenly, everyone in the country not on the US payroll realized that their mutual interest in freedom outweighed any of the traditional differences that had kept them divided and at war with each other. At long last, they realized that their common enemy was the greed and corruption of those who benefitted from looking out for the interests of the international corporate terrorists seeking to impose a permanent fascist New World Order on us all.

The key to securing the blessings of life, liberty and happiness for all Americans and creating a world where democracy movements everywhere will eventually succeed is to establish a democratic republican system of government in the US. This will only occur when the lonely sentinels who have been crying in the wilderness in America for decades work energize the youth of America. In their youth and limited experience they have been sorely disappointed that their hard work in electing President Obama did not immediately solve the problems of the world that during the Cheney-Bush regime had promised them only a future of endless war, a lack of education for them and their children and poor job prospects throughout their lives.

Young Americans have been raised by parents so cynical of the political process that many have come to accept corporate rule as inevitable. The millions of citizens who have dropped out of the political process themselves unsurprisingly raised a generation of children who have largely abandoned electoral politics. Instead, they overwhelmingly favor striving for an increasingly unafforable education in the naïve hope that this will assure them a bright middle class future. Meanwhile that middle class is under assault and losing the class war started by the same fascists who are destroying the economy on which the future security of their families will depend. The most pitiful group of these idealistic youths are those raised by parents who blindly accept the corporate propaganda on which the corporatocracy depends to maintain control of the American government. These parents have failed their children in acting as the linchpin of the Machine of the US government that was created of, by and for We the People. As a result, we no longer have such a government but one of, by and for the corporations who profit from privatization of the Commons, destruction of the environment and endless war.

Fortunately for the future of America and democracy itself, young Americans are as capable as young Egyptians of seeing the truth to which their parents are willfully blinded. Unlike their parents who have witnessed and often cheered the growth of corporate Empire in the US and the world, they see the world with fresh eyes and have the imagination to envision a future in which it is worth raising their own children. They simply need those who understand the problem to recognize the solution, educate them as to the realities of electoral politics and the Constitution and join them in the fight to assure that they and their children can live in a rational, sustainable future. In this battle for the soul of America teachers, unions and advocates of social justice will play a crucial role. In particular, leaders of the environmental movement must take advantage of youthful enthusiasm to save the planet itself from destruction by the international corporate terrorists who are raping and pillaging the planet at the cost of their own children’s future. In this environmentalists have an obvious role to play.

In 1960 John F. Kennedy overcame tremendous odds to win the presidency despite the handicap of his Catholic faith. He could not have done this without tens of thousands of adoring youth prepared to work for a brighter future for the US and the world. Those of us old enough to remember the campaign photographs will recall that in nearly every photo of campaign events, front and center in the audience were cheering young women and men. Kennedy also had the support of unions that recognized that the interests of the worker were intimately tied to the values of the leader of the free world. JFK embodied the traditional American values and was able to articulate them to the people of the US and the world, offering them hope for a future of peace and prosperity. He did not live long enough to fulfill that promise because the international corporate terrorists with the help of the CIA, FBI, Secret Service and military decided that such a threat to their plans for world domination could not be allowed to live. Now it is time once more for us to ask not what our countries can do for us but what we can do for our countries and the world.

The only way to ensure that Barack Obama is in a position to move America back to the path of peace and prosperity for all is to take out the Puppets of the corporate interests that finance the lavish campaigns of our members of Congress. These international corporate terrorists control the corporate media and the government that has failed to regulate both. The so-called “alternative” media has failed miserably to focus attention of the American public on solutions, instead becoming tools of the corporate Democrats by functioning as the gatekeepers of the Left. Worse, they have become an echo chamber of the Right, using the politics of fear to keep America divided along party lines. When they do criticize Democrats they focus on the many failings of the Obama administration almost to the exclusion of covering those of us working to free him from corporate control.

While I have no quarrel with those who criticize Obama as a warmonger and a slave to the banksters who profit handsomely from war, we must remember that throughout his campaign he warned us that we had to be the change we want to see in America. The “alternative” media have failed miserably in that task, instead focusing criticism on him that echoes that of the corporate media. Our time and effort would be better spent working to take out the corporate tools of both parties who now dominate Congress. Union leaders who have sold out the worker to maintain access to the powerful in Washington must be put on notice that Trumpke was right when he warned corporate Democrats not to automatically expect union support. Democratic leadership has largely abandoned the American worker. From keeping single payer off the table to failing to enact card check to expansion of free trade policies to failing to rally to the side of union workers under attack by corporations, they have lost the right to expect the support of the American worker. They prefer to suck up to powerful corporate interests who want only to pay slave wages and stash the wealth created by the workers in offshore accounts, safe from the incurious gaze of government watchdogs.

With the support of unions, their allies in the single payer health care, environmental and antiwar movements we can begin to take the long road to democracy with the youth of America in the vanguard. By August of 2012 when Congress takes leave to campaign for our votes, we will be in a position to tell them they can earn them only if they support a constitutional amendment to abolish corporate personhood. An awakened citizenry will Take Back America for the People only when they end their civil war and finish the Revolution. Each of us has a serious moral responsibility to come together for the good of all to defeat the forces of fascism in the United States and the world. When we pack town halls across America demanding this amendment restore democracy to America, democracy will indeed have come to the USA. Failure to fulfill our responsibility would dishonor those who have died in the belief that they were fighting for the freedom of all the Peoples of the world. More importantly, it would be an unforgivable betrayal ofour own children and all future generations.

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