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Saturday, August 6, 2011


In the wake of Citizens United it is becoming increasingly apparent to even its least attentive citizens that the United States government has fallen victim to a corporate coup. The debate going on now is whether there is anything to be done to fight back or whether it is time to cash in our chips, enjoy it while we can and then hunker down for the Apocalypse.

Those who have retained their optimism are those of us who remember the Chinese concept that in every crisis there is opportunity. It has been clear for some time to those of us who have been working in the trenches for years that things had to get worse before they get better. Now that unions, the elderly, our youth and all of the middle class in America are under attack, it should be a relatively easy matter to build
  a virtual Army that can wage asymmetric warfare against fascism and war.

There are many obstacles to be overcome in order to restore democracy to America and thereby end war, but we have no choice but to succeed. The soldier’s job is not to reason why, our mission is such that we must do or die.
  No less than the survival of human civilization is at stake. If we have any regard for those who have died in the belief that they were fighting for our freedom we will not give up the fight. If we have any love for our children and our posterity, we must hold fast to the belief that we can win.

The chief obstacle to be overcome is the belief that war is inevitable. It is cannot be true that war is inevitable if we accept that men and women are inherently good enough to rule themselves. In a democratic society we can collectively choose to reject war. No democratic nation has ever waged war on another democratic nation. If we value democracy and want to see it spread then we must believe that our efforts will result in the end of war. A war based economy only benefits the international corporate terrorists who stage wars for  corporate Empire.

In a fascist society such as the United States has become it may seem that democracy is dead, but the roots are still alive. We must nurture those roots if we are to end war and all of the other evils that threaten civilization: environmental destruction, famine, pestilence and global pandemic. At the root of all of these threats is the invasive parasite of corporate personhood.

The assumption that politics is by nature corrupt is another dangerous idea that has infected the American collective consciousness. Just as the belief that war is inevitable is fundamentally opposed to the idea that democracy is possible, so is the idea that ordinary citizens lack the power to alter a form of government that is not of the People, by the People and for the People.

While other nations have generally had fascism thrust upon them by violence, the citizens of the United States have willingly given up their government to fascists who are the CEOs of multinational corporations that care nothing for America, its citizens or any other nation or People. Now that we are witnessing the results of corporate control of government we have the opportunity to reach out to former cheerleaders of the New World Order and work together to end fascism in America and the world.

The United States has never been a truly democratic Republic, but the American experiment in democracy has moved forward in fits and starts over the years, most of the time in the direction of becoming a more perfect union. Slavery was only ended by civil war, but such fundamental social change is usually only possible when the People demand change in the form of a constitutional amendment. Freed slaves were given the vote by constitutional amendment, as were women and citizens old enough to go to war but formerly considered to young to vote. 

School segregation ended through the action of the Supreme Court at a time when it served a democratizing function. Now that the Court is in the hands of fascists, we must resort to a constitutional amendment to abolish corporate personhood. Our never ending struggle against slavery will continue until the People demand that the 14th amendment guarantee of equal protection from the usurpation of our rights by government only applies  to human beings. Corporations by any rational argument should have no rights; their very existence is a privilege  granted by We the People from whom all just power to govern is derived.

The only reason that the Equal Rights Amendment failed to pass is that there has always been a counter-Revolutionary reaction to the democratization of American society and government.
 John Adams feared rule by the mob and passed the Alien and Sedition Acts in part to silence critics of the new central government. Slave owners fought abolition even to the point of provoking civil war. The Robber Barons fought Teddy Roosevelt’s Square Deal and the fascists who provoked the Great Depression fought the New Deal. Their sons and daughters are the current generation of fascists who implicitly accept that they have an inherent right to rule the rest of us.

As the modern forces of fascism step up the assault on the poor and the middle class they are creating a new generation of warriors who possess the power to collectively stop the imposition of a fascist New World Order. All it will take to succeed is to put aside our self-imposed artificial distinctions and work for freedom in America and the world, the end result of which will be the end of war.

Skeptics would do well to consider that the American colonists shook off their chains at the risk of their lives at a time when they faced the mightiest nation in the world. How much easier would it be for us when we outnumber the fascists 1,000 to one and the government depends on maintaining a façade of democracy to avoid the revolution that is surely coming? If the special tax break on tea granted the East India Company was enough to spark a revolution, the corporate takeover of the US government surely will inspire us to end our un-Civil war and finish the American Revolution.

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