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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


It is often said that prostitution is the oldest profession. This is clearly wrong, since money had to be invented first. Banking is thus the second oldest profession. The confusion is natural, since many of us think of banksters as having sold themselves for a few pieces of silver. Politics was in fact the first profession. Politicians became the first prostitutes for the pimps who controlled the money supply necessary to wage war for profit and power. So it is today.

In the good olde days governments manufactured their own money, backed by the precious metals for which they were willing to sacrifice their youth. The business of war was very expensive, despite the fact that the weapons industry was in its infancy and tradesman were not in a position to charge exorbitant prices for their wares. It was not until the rise of the military-industrial complex that war began to profit the Lords of war in the feudal economy of that day. It was natural that the industry would arise among the corporate barons of the day, since even then they lacked any conscience or compassion. Then as now they maximized profits from ever more deadly products by using wage slaves to do the dirty work of making weapons to kill their own children.

From the beginning of what passes for civilization in the minds of the citizens of the nations affected by war, bankers have extracted their pound of flesh from taxpayers. Overly ambitious kings and queens never satisfied with their wealth and power have always been willing to strain the treasury in the hopes of besting their rivals in the global game of risk that is war. This provides the opportunity for banksters throughout history to be the war profiteers with the most to gain. Ultimately they were able to convince American politicians that the only way to build a permanent Empire was to privatize money and use it to finance endless war for power and profit. This brings us to the situation today.

We are in the midst of a great war of the plutocrats against the peasantry, many of whom are still deluded into thinking that they live in democracies. What gives us hope is the rise of a new Occupation, one that is worldwide and will not disband until freedom for the Peoples of the world is assured. We are creating a united international front against fascism and war that in the end will lead us to be the Army that crushes the corporatocracy even at the moment that they feel they have succeeded in establishing a permanent fascist New World Order.

Every Army needs its generals. In the war of the middle class against the ruling elites these are those who plot the strategy and tactics of the world Revolution that has recently begun. In the Arab world these are average citizens led by youth and labor. In the United States, these have been slow to understand their collective power. That is changing rapidly and the troops are fighting back with a vengeance born out of a revulsion toward the injustice that has been worsening throughout the lives of our youth and which unions have stood by and watched helplessly in recent decades.

In nearly every nation the cry has arisen “Occupy the world!” In the US the humble beginnings of the US front of the worldwide Revolution occurred in the heart of the beast: Wall Street. Even as the police state responds with violence financed by millions of dollars from Morgan-Chase, new recruits flock to join the occupying Armies of the epicenter of the financial capital of the world. Heedless of personal danger, the dispossessed are calling for an end to war and economic justice for all.

Victory is at hand for those who have watched and understood as the United States has marched in lockstep toward the abyss of fascism. The Left has flanked the lines of the enemy of the People and is waiting to stage a pincer movement when the Right awakens to the fate that awaits them should they continue to back the very corporate forces that have devastated their lives while they cheered the politicians who have led us here. Slowly but surely the Sleeping Giant is awakening. The fascists who control the US government and media will be helpless by the time they realize that the slaves are in full revolt not only in foreign lands they have occupied but in the US, where only the ignorance of the Sheeple has allowed them to rule in safety.

The cause that will allow the Left and Right to join in open revolt against the corporate Puppetmasters who control the US government and media is the abolition of corporate personhood. More and more, people are awakening to the fact that a fascist Supreme Court has given corporate plutocrats the power to control a government created to be one of, by and for the People and not for corporations, which even the most deluded citizen realizes are not people. Shortly after the decision in Citizens United was announced, polls showed that nearly 80% of both self-identified liberals and conservatives opposed it. If the generals leading the fight for the middle class are worthy of their positions of leadership, they will take advantage of this mistake by the fascist forces to seize control of the US government by a peaceful and democratic process.

It is nearly 2012, the year the ancients predicted would see the end of the world as we know it. It is time that we choose to align with the forces of destruction or the forces of creation. We can allow those who believe that we determine our own fates as individuals or those who recognize the interdependence of all Peoples and the natural world. Not choosing is not an option, for failing to act is also a choice. All that it would take for fascism to emerge victorious is for good men and women to do nothing.

It is up to the Peoples of the United States and the world to realize that we will individually and collectively determine whether the world that emerges is one of dark fascism that will destroy human civilization or one in which war will become a distant memory and liberty and justice for all is a reality. Only by freeing the US from the grip of fascism can those Peoples struggling for democracy in their own nations hope to earn their own freedom. Free of the forces of oppression whose power is dependent on the might of the US government and media, they will finally have the ability to exercise their right to self-determination.

It is said that this is a Revolution without leaders, an anarchical revolt against the Masters of the Universe who would presume to dictate our individual and collective fates. While a nice sentiment, the fact is that pure democracy is too unwieldy to wage war against fascism and war. Every government that is not totalitarian is some form of representative democracy, where in those that function as intended, the People choose their own representatives. In this Revolution we must choose those who will lead us by gravitating toward those who seem to have answers. I believe that those who have labored long and hard for liberty and justice have earned their place in leadership, but they cannot succeed until they make room for a new generation eager to become leaders in the world we are creating together.

My advice to the occupiers is this: To slay the beast that threatens to devour us, we must make a concentrated effort to cut off the lifeblood that sustains it and deal a death blow aimed at its heart. Protest alone will not free us, as the corporate media seems determined to defend the system until its death. Many people on both sides of the political spectrum view the occupation movement as much sound and fury, ultimately signifying nothing.

Only by making the abolition of corporate personhood in the US the first goal of the Revolution can we hope to remove the corporate Puppets from control of the US government. That in turn can only be accomplished by making support for a constitutional amendment abolishing corporate personhood a litmus test for all candidates for Congress and eventually, the Presidency.

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