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Friday, November 4, 2011


Money was originally created for the wealthy to keep score of how they were doing compared to their rivals in the game of Monopoly, where each player sought to acquire the most wealth and property. Once the game was started no new players were allowed unless they took a player's money and property by war in another game we call Risk. The risk of war of course is that players can lose everything in the pursuit of global conquest, and as in Monopoly there is only one winner. Of course, in both games if it gets too tedious the players can decide to put their time to better use. That time may be coming as those left out of the game are demanding that the bank gives up more of what it has taken from them.

When money was created it was not needed by commoners, who were given sustenance by the Lords of whatever feudal Kingdom in which they lived. No wages were paid as they were subject to the will of their Lord Protectors, whose responsibility it was to protect them from those who sought to seize their lands through force of arms. In turn, they tilled the fields like slaves and were expected to go to war when told, much like modern society. The Lords in turn paid a tithe to the King or Queen, who were regarded as entitled to the wealth of the nation by divine right.

A third class arose from the artisans who produced the goods necessary in any society. Originally they were expected to do this as a duty to whatever King, Pharaoh, or High Priest who had been given or had seized authority to rule over the society that was created and maintained by slave labor. Later, artisans were allowed to engage in a system of barter that allowed peasants to acquire these good by exchanging the products of their labor.

Eventually Lords and Kings were expected to pay for these goods and services and money began trickling into the hands of the petit bourgeoisie of the day. This custom originally arose no doubt when competition began among the Lords to acquire the finest goods that their artisans would compete to create. It was a necessity as Lords agreed in most nations to cease making war with one another so that they might combine forces to defend their Kingdoms from powerful foreign invaders.

Peasants eventually came to acquire money when they began to be paid in cash for their labor, a practice that became universal in developed countries during the Industrial Revolution. The barter system persisted to a lesser extent but was supplanted by a cash economy as peasants began to dream that they too could become wealthy Lords in their own right. This radical idea was popularized when America became the first nation to declare that every free male was entitled to this opportunity. This is the origin of the myth that each of us can survive and prosper by the sweat of our own labor if we are willing to engage in the game of Monopoly.

At the founding of the American republic, this proclamation was nearly true, even though only about ten percent of the population was allowed to play. Women, African American slaves and indentured servants were left out of the game and only the indentured servant was allowed to work his way into it. The others had to wait generations before slaves were freed by a bloody Civil War and women gradually acquired the right to own property, a right that had existed even in feudal Europe, at least for those from wealthy families.

Throughout history there have been those who profited from the slavish insistence of the privileged that the object of the game of Life is no more than to acquire enough property to be declared winners. The players did not have to be the first to reach this goal; they only had to make sure that they would not be last and thus losers in the game. Those who profited most were the money lenders, who after generations of living off the sweat of others became the modern aristocracy that is the banking industry. Through their unmitigated greed they have become chief among the international corporate terrorists who are seeking to enslave us all in a fascist New World Order as the final stages of the global game of Risk are played out. The banksters hold the keys to the Kingdome that each of the leading players in the game of Monopoly is sure awaits him.

Something important happened recently that resulted from the banksters and their chief co-conspirators sensing that there was an easy way to win the game: They changed the rules so that a quick victory seemed assured. The first step was for the leading national player to cede sovereignty to the banks upon which they had come to depend to finance their wars of corporate Empire. They did this by creating an international system of currency that they controlled. Initially backed by gold at a fixed price, ultimately it was backed only by an empty promise to repay. Flush with successes since WWII, the banksters and their Puppets in the US government were so positive they would ultimately be the winners in the game of Monopoly that they had no fear that a roll of the dice might result in all of these IOUs to be called in.

The conversion to a promise-based monetary system allowed the banksters to create paper money whenever they chose. In a free market system of currency exchange this would cause the money to become less valuable. Not so under the new rules of Monopoly unilaterally declared by Nixon and New York-based international bankers. As the US was the dominant player in the game of Risk, the other players were compelled to agree to this rule change. This is how the dollar became the standard medium of exchange for the world and the agreed upon petrocurrency. The threat of war did not at first intimidate the other two leaders, China and Russia. However, Russia took a large gamble in invading Afghanistan and lost much of her cash and influence in the game of Monopoly.

Russia then capitulated to the leaders of the game, privatizing the resources of the state so that a few might still earn it a place at the table in the game of Monopoly, even if it could no longer afford to play Risk. In proclaiming itself democratic, the then-leaders of the Politburo repudiated its nonsensical claim to have been the first truly democratic socialist republic. The chief beneficiaries were of course well connected within the communist party and its organ of control, the KGB.

As Orwell predicted in 1948, until 1989 with the fall of the Berlin Wall, we found ourselves in a situation where there are three main power blocs that used the threat of war to subjugate their people to their will. Eurasia is still a player but one in the weakest position. Neither Eurasia nor Eastasia is in a position to actually wage the all-out war that will determine the winner in the global game of Risk and therefore the game of Monopoly, but Eastasia is building their military and Eurasia retains a share of the prize that will determine the shape of the New World Order: oil.

Oceania has taken the same gamble that cost Russia so dearly. Its arrogant leaders seem to believe that victory in the game is near. The wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan are a proxy war against Eurasia and Eastasia. The citizens of Oceania are hostage to the banksters who finance and profit from these wars of corporate Empire. China has become an uneasy ally of  Oceana following its embrace of capitalism, but its leaders know that the US and UK governments have already set in motion plans to finish the creation of a permanent fascist New World Order in which they would become the Kings by what they considered to be divine right. In such a world order, the Chinese people too would become their subjects.

What none of the Monopoly players ever seriously considered was the possibility that their own Peoples would rise against them and demand that their stolen wealth be returned and that the threat of war be ended once and for all time. We now see ourselves in the midst of a global Revolution where the Peoples of the Earth are beginning to sense their interdependence and the power of collective action. We are witnessing the rise of a united international front against fascism and war that could have prevented WWII had we had the power of the internet at the time.

George Dmitrov laid out the strategy in a famous speech before the Seventh International Communist Conference, but the petit bourgeoisie did not join the workers to demand that their “democratic socialist” governments refuse to capitulate to fascist demands. Too many workers did not join the global protests against the rise of fascism. Global arms dealers were allowed to continue to sell weapons to Germany despite the terms of the Treaty of Versailles. The stage was set for global war, pitting fascist nations in the US, Europe and Asia against each other, with Russia playing both sides against the middle. The result was a world where nations were subsumed by alliances among the players determined to be the winners in the game of Monopoly at any Risk.

Fascism arises when the peoples of a nation are impoverished by other players in the game of Risk, as Germany was under the conditions of the armistice ending WWI. After a brief flirtation with democracy under the Weimar Republic and under direct provocation from Great Britain, beleaguered Germans gave up the power to determine their collective destiny and placed it in the hands of a madman who promised security and wealth. As we have seen, a similar thing took place in the United States after 9/11, the equivalent of the burning of the Reichstag that fueled Hitler's rise to power. The only difference is that Hitler was a dictator of the People while working hand in hand with the corporate powers that profit from war, while in the US the war profiteers dictate to the President.

History does not repeat itself unless we allow it to. The people of the US face a stark choice at this singular moment in history. They can capitulate to the international corporate terrorists Hell-bent on world domination or they can abandon the illusion of our separateness from the rest of the world and the cause of liberty and justice for every citizen of Earth. If we let go of our fear of terrorism and demand an end to the Anglo-American War of Terror being waged against the Peoples of the world we will soon see victory and the death of fascism and war.

The banksters are fearful and perhaps beginning to regret that their feral attack on the people of the United States has unleashed a power that for once they cannot control through propaganda and economic slavery. The Peoples of the world can end this global war once they accept that only by ensuring liberty and justice for all can any of us truly be free. That means giving up our narrow self-interest and laying our prejudices aside so that we can combine forces to eradicate the scourge of greed from the Earth.

One of the most powerful tools at our disposal is the ability to take the wealth out of the hands of the banksters by moving our money from their accounts and placing it in the trust of the collectives that are credit unions. When we do we become part owners of a collective enterprise created to serve the community and each of its members. They use the money to provide loans that allow small businesses and thereby communities to thrive and prosper. Every dollar we move is food placed in the mouths of our hungry children.

Move your money to depositor-owned credit unions and encourage your local governments to do the same while we work for state-owned banks and ultimately, a national bank that puts the power of the money press in the hands of the People. Show the banksters that they have no power over us that we do not willingly give them.

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