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Sunday, March 30, 2014


Many in the alternative media who have done a great job educating us about the dangers of allowing the US-NATO-Israel axis powers to create a fascist New World Order by miltary and economic means. However, it may be more dangerous for the resistance to buy into the echo chamber of the Left than to be deluded into accepting the message produced by the echo chamber of the corporate media. Why? because if we do not realistically see the real dangers, we will not be able to organize effective resistance. Instead, we will all be chasing after phantom threats that will never come to pass. That is one way the propaganda machine keeps us misdirected.

A recent article was written by rightfully well-respected journalist Finian Cunningham, based on the analysis of Christoff Lehmann, another such journalist who I regard as a personal friend. It supports the arguments raised by Paul Craig Roberts, a giant in alternative journalism who regularly appears in the well-regarded Global Research News and OpEd News. Cunningham's article argues that a plan proposed by the dictators of US foreign policy in the 1980s is about to be implemented. It would make Europe a battlefield in a war that would only serve Wall Street if it were successful. It is pure fantasy to think that it could possibly succeed. In reality, it would seal the demise of US dominance in the world.

Here is my reasoning for considering this argument a paranoid fantasy:

1) It is based on war plans of Americans who briefed their NATO representative only off the record. Obviously, they don't want their NATO pawns to know they are willing to plunge Europe into war to stop it from establishing close ties to Europe.

2) These plans were hatched in the 80's, when anticommunism was in its heyday and before the fall of the wall. The sel-appointed Masters of the Universe are well aware of the need to change plans with changing circumstances. They have the advantage after all, since they are the ones who create those changing circumstances. While they have a limited bag of tricks, starting another Europe-wide war would have catastrophic for all concerned. This is one of the few cases where war would truly be a last resort. Even then, it is too late at this point for them to hope it would work.

3) The only power the global banking elite have is what they can get governments to do. The US government cannot wage world war all by itself when the President acknowledges that the nation is "war-weary" and its people will not stand for another war for corporate Empire. The banksters would eventually lose control over the US government  if this hare-brained scheme were ever implemented.

4) As often pointed out in the nsnbc news where the Cunningham article appeared, Germany has emerged as the dominant power in Europe. The Deustchebank essentially dictates to the European Central Bank. It is the country with the deepest economic ties to Russia and the most resistant to imposing harsh sanctions on Russia, despite Merkel's rhetoric.

5) If Merkel went along with this, her political career would be finished. Germans overwhelmingly oppose taking on Ukrainian debt, destroying the relationship with Russia and certainly, having a ruinous war with them to support the interest of American banksters. They are already vociferously protesting NSA spying on their leaders and businesses for American corporate advantage. This corporate espionage has led to the German business community standing with the German people against American hegemony for once.

6) While foreign policy trends in the US persist as presidents come and go, presidents retain some power to influence them. This power is greatest when there is a genuine split in consensus in the military, intelligence community and public about the wisdom of following a given course. The neocons have overplayed their hand, giving President Obama the opportunity he needs to challenge them in Syria, Iran and Ukraine. His harsh rhetoric is meant to deflect criticism by the hard right and the media that promotes its agenda. Do not be fooled into thinking that it relects his personal beliefs or his plans, as a number of observers have recently pointed out.

If the point is to save the US dollar, this is exactly what they cannot do. Imagine the costs of waging a war in Europe against both Russia and most of its NATO allies. The American people would finally wake up from their coma and rebel against the international banksters that hijacked their government decades ago.

Let's hope they banksters are stupid enough to try this. It would be the last gasp of their Empire.

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