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Thursday, March 17, 2011


While most Americans are just waking up to the fact that they no longer live in a democracy, citizens of other nations with little or no tradition of democracy are demonstrating the power of non-violent resistance to authoritarian rule. In the face of much more danger than US citizens would risk for simply taking to the street in protest against the fascism of their government, hundreds of thousands of determined patriots from North Africa to Iran to China are demanding the right to freedom and justice.

In the United States, resistance is just beginning and remains disorganized and fractious. While over one hundred thousand demonstrated in Wisconsin over the weekend, the government of Michigan has declared open war on the worker. Although support is coming in from around the country and around the world, no clear national strategy for victory has emerged. Grass roots organizing is a necessary but not a sufficient condition in the struggle against fascism. For a revolution to succeed, there must be a political strategy to achieve the goals of the movement.

Perhaps it is the longstanding illusion that the American system of checks and balances would ensure that we would never have to fear our own government that makes the average American blind to the fact that corporate control over government is by definition fascism. People who have never known real freedom do not take it for granted. As a government becomes more dependent on lies to sustain a veneer of legitimacy, those who have never been under the illusion that they are free find it increasingly easier to convince their fellow citizens that they must take their fate into their own hands.

China is a special case because the internet has been much more tightly controlled there than in any other nation. Organizing has been much more person to person and is undertaken at great risk due to the history of the Chinese Communist Party of violent repression against freedom fighters. The United States has become complicit in these crimes against the Chinese people. The international corporate terrorists who control the government have an insatiable appetite for cheap labor to produce the dangerous and shoddy products that are all the working American can afford to by, at Walmart prices.

For those still under the illusion that the Republican Party is responsible for all of the suffering of the middle class in the United States, it is educational to ask where the President and Democrats in Congress have been during the assault on American labor. Candidate Obama promised to put on his walking shoes and march with workers if their right to collective bargaining was challenged. Now that he is not running, he has yet to catch up to within shouting range of the angry protesters who demand justice from a Party whose national leadership has largely abandoned them.

China is just another example of plutocracy, crony capitalism dressed up as a democratic movement of the People. There is no longer any illusion that the CCP is serious about stopping corruption when they stay in power by giving special privileges to Party members. As the Chinese people become more aware that the promises of wealth that a quasi-capitalist system will bring are lies, the bribery and repression grow ever worse. 

The response of the US Congress has been to cut funding for Voice of America in China, leaving China to pay for its own propaganda on the virtues of the “Chinese model” so popular with authoritarian corporatists  in the western world who see any plutocratic regime as a welcome ally in their war on democracy. At least one Republican senator had the integrity to protest this blatant collusion with Chinese-style fascism. The VOA is a bipartisan propaganda machine designed to influence the thinking of Peoples of the world toward the fascist vision of the international corporate terrorists who are the Puppetmasters of the Us government.

In a rigidly controlled society such as China where any dissension is treated with violent reprisal, the only liberty possible is the freedom of thought. The Falun Gong are waging nonviolent asymmetrical warfare against the CCP as Soldiers For Peace .are doing throughout the world. Outnumbered by billions of Chinese suffering from a collective Stockholm syndrome, their only weapon is the truth. They are risking their lives to convince their fellow citizens that freedom is more important than life itself. This is a conviction once shared by most Americans, who remembered the sacrifices of those who fought for the freedom they have now come to take for granted. While these rights may be God-given, they can be taken away by men of evil intent if they are not jealously guarded.

The Falun Gong numbers an estimated 100 million Chinese practitioners. Only ten years after Tiananmen, they peacefully petitioned the government for redress of their grievances against the corruption of local officials. With the memory of the slaughter of thousands of the still fresh in their minds, ten thousand protesters lined up to present their petitions to the office designated to receive them. They were within walking distance of CCP headquarters, from which word came that their demands would be met, after which they peacefully dispersed.

Of course the assurances were false. The response to this courageous demonstration of the will of the People was a program of eradication of practitioners of Falun Gong.  It is doubtful that the demonstrators expected anything else, given the recent history of violent reprisal against dissent.  The purpose is obvious only to those who understand the reason that patriots have always been willing to give their lives in defense of freedom: Life is not worth living if you choose to submit to slavery.

Tens of thousands of Falun Gong have died to make the point that in the most repressive society, the spark of freedom stays alive when men and women remember that they always have a choice to accept slavery or live as free people, regardless of consequences. If their sacrifices seem futile, consider whether the Jasmine Revolution would have occurred without their example, or whether 89 million Chinese would have officially renounced Party membership had the Falun Gong not shown to them that a People united can live free, if they have the courage to act according to their beliefs.

Americans need to see that the present military buildup of China is a reflection of the failed ideology on which the repressive system of Chinese communism is based. No democratic nation has ever declared war on another. If the communist government of China had lived up to the democratic ideals of Sun Yat-Sen, it would not have to defend itself from its own people or from western imperialists. In 1911, Sun Yat-Sen became the first and only democratically elected president of China. Popular with the People, his government and democracy itself was brought down by the greed of the warlords of the early 20th century.

The selfishness of these local powerbrokers kept China divided and weak, making the nation ripe for exploitation by the West. Many sold out to the international corporate terrorists of the day only to find that their trivial powers were no match for the Japanese Imperial Army at the dawn of the rise of modern fascism. It was this invasion from without that gave birth to the unity party of Chiang Kai-shek, which worked to mount resistance to Japanese Imperialism. 

The exultation of the Chinese people after the Japanese were expelled quickly evaporated as Chiang Kai-shek demonstrated the weakness of most men given the power to rule over others. His government became as corrupt as that which brought down the Emperor in 1911 and placed Sun Yat-sen in his short-lived position as the President of a democratic China.

In the wake of Chiang Kai-shek’s betrayal of his people, it took little time for well-organized communists to challenge his autocratic rule and drive him and his army to the island of Formosa. The civil war wasted millions of lives, as did the Cultural Revolution of Chairman Mao less than two decade later. Mao had been given a cult-like status by a People blinded by the illusion of democracy. It took the deaths of untold numbers of Mao’s political opponents to awaken the survivors to the fact that they had been deceived again. By then, it was too late to effectively fight the autocratic rule that resulted.

Fearing the power of communist promises of real democracy that seemed to inevitably lead to authoritarian rule, Western powers chose the corrupt autocracy of Chiang Kai-shek over the corrupt plutocracy of the CCP. The uneasy balance of power in Asia is maintained as everywhere by the international corporate terrorists who arm the Taiwanese and vow to defend it from aggression by mainland China.

With the rise of worldwide neofascism and the democratic reaction to it, the CCP is tightening the grip of its power over the people of China while simultaneously preparing to defend itself from attack by fascist forces.  While the corporatists in the West have been worrying about the growing economic power of the Chinese dragon that they have created, China has begun a military buildup that now threatens the western Empire. Far from seeing this as a threat, the Puppetmasters of the international military-industrial complex are salivating at the prospect of gorging themselves on the public trough, slopped by the taxpayers of the United States.

In realizing the failure of centralized control of agriculture and manufacture, the CCP has gradually abandoned any pretense of being a democratic communist state. In buying into the capitalist system, they have wasted the lives of millions who fought for freedom for their nation. The dependence of the CCP  on international corporate terrorists of the western Empire has rendered it fascist in that as in western nations, there is a reciprocal dependence between corporate powers and the government. China provides Americans a glimpse of what life in the United States would be if they surrendered to their fascist leaders. Fascists inevitably strip the People of their liberty in exchange for a false sense of security in a world that their greed has driven mad.

This then is the final war on fascism, whose command center is in Washington, DC. Only if Americans wake up to the peril to democracy will they, the Chinese or the other Peoples of the world who are dying to live free ever know true democracy. Union organizers in the United States must muster the manpower to put American workers out on the street demanding an end to corporate rule by abolishing corporate personhood through a movement to pass  a Constitutional amendment. 

Workers of the world must unite in this effort to educate the Peoples of the US and the world that it is not world socialism to be feared.  It is the threat of world fascism that we must recognize and confront together if the Peoples of the world are to collectively shape the New World Order that must come if human civilization is to survive this global civil war.

The purpose of introducing an amendment to make it illegal for international corporate terrorists to buy members of Congress and the White House is to make support for it a campaign issue in every subsequent Congressional election. This would mean that there will be collateral damage to those corporatist members of Congress who fail this litmus test. 

If this effort to challenge corporate control of the American government destroys the two party system, then that is the price partisan supporters of the corporate political duopoly will have to pay to end fascism in the United States. Only We the People can force the Meat Puppets in Congress and the White House to bow to the will of an America once more united in the cause of liberty and justice for all.

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  1. excellent analysis and statement of truth

  2. Thanks Lawrence and thanks for all the valuable information you have given me about topics relevant to understanding how fascism arises and how we can eradicate it from the Earth through our collective efforts.

    Please feel free to share these posts and those from the online book of essays Stop The Madness: The Diary of a Soldier For Peace in the War to Take Back America.

    We all have the ability to give each other the tools to work for liberty and justice for all, the only means of achieving Mankind's oldest dream: The end of war.

  3. Enjoyable reading.One Chinese friend a top ballet dancer worked with the free Chinese radio until French withdrew their financial support. France found a lucrative weapons deal with CCP more to their taste. $s always win over personal freedoms. It will be a hard battle. However having travelled to China, Korea and Japan extensively over 25 years their life now is fantastic compared to how it used to be. Let them enjoy their day in the sun without blood shed for 'freedoms' that are an illusion in EVERY 'democratic' society. Our Australian Labour Party promised no carbon tax to introduce it months later. Also I have asked many single female mainland Chinese about the 1 child policy. They don't want ANY children. Too crowded, too difficult. Farmers can have more to help in the fields. I like China, I like Chinese. They like their life, they like their computers. They don't need to shed any more blood. They are not suffering from Stokholm Sydndrome we are.