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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Asymmetrical warfare is the means by which a group of people fight for the cause of freedom against overwhelming power. It is a loosely organized network of cells whose members by and large do not know each other. For protection, they operate semi-autonomously so that their leaders cannot be tracked. This is necessary for them to avoid being targeted for assassination or politically motivated harassment and prosecution that often leads to torture in other countries increasingly, in the US or territory under its control.

Some people wonder why I would form another group of antiwar activists when so many great groups have been working on ending war for so long. The short answer is that we are not a group but a network. The longer answer is a little more complex.

SFPI was founded as a way not to attract people to what we are doing but to be a node in the network that connects all humans to each other. It is also an effort to connect disaffected individuals with groups of activists working nonviolently for social justice and to connect these groups to each other to form a united international front against fascism and war at the grassroots level.

The advantage of our lack of organizational structure is that it makes us maximally inclusive and as with any revolutionary movement with a similar structure, as flexible in our strategies as human nature is diverse. No one individual speaks for the group and no committees decide what causes we will work on. The decision of how best to promote our mutual goal is one that can only be made by each Soldier For Peace on his or her own. 

The “War on Terror” is the excuse given by political leaders in the US and elsewhere who are actually working for international corporate terrorists. These are the members of the international plutocracy who profit from war and other forms of human misery. These Imperialists know that they cannot win a war against a tactic of resistance. The “war on terror" is merely a convenient excuse for endless war for corporate Empire. 

The coming of a time when the selfish would begin the endless war was so obvious that it was predicted well over 2,000 years ago. Our current situation was written about in detail by Sinclair Lewis in 1936 and George Orwell in 1948 in It Can’t Happen Here and 1984, respectively.

Terrorism is inevitable as long as there is a drive for Empire. The leaders of the international corporate network are working together to establish the New World Order. It was promised by former CIA Director George H.W. Bush when he was installed as the President of the United States and soulless men like Dick Cheney and George W. Bush have been diligently working to make worldwide fascism the accepted norm. 

International corporate terrorists only want to maximize the wealth and power of their plutocracy. They believe that the economic elite of the world are our natural superiors and should be allowed to direct our collective destiny. They themselves are a network that like the mythical Hydra cannot be destroyed by chopping off a head. As in other terrorist networks, there is always another waiting to grow in its place.

The beauty of asymmetrical warfare is that those working for justice around the world can do so in an increasingly interconnected way that cannot be destroyed as long as the dream of justice, freedom and peace is alive in the world. The world today faces the challenges of uncontrolled population growth and endless war as the final stage in controlling the world’s natural resources that by right belong to all the Peoples of the world. This leads to the threats of environmental devastation, mass famine and pandemic.

If we work together to restore democracy in the United States, our new leaders will have to act justly toward other nations in our increasingly interdependent world. A truly united body of nations can assure that human society does not end in the fire and ice of global climate instability and ensure that human society as we know it does not vanish from the Earth.

Please join the SFPI Facebook group and add us to your Skype contacts to join in the conversation on our upcoming internet-based talk show, SFPI Radio.

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  1. Keep up ypur great work dear Rick ,

    Jorge Christancho

  2. Quite amazing!!! And isn't ironic that the irradication of war and the restoration of democracy would now be perceived as anarchy.

  3. Thanks, dear Rick! I'm happy for Your invite!
    I'm next You and appreciate very much your awesome work!!.. big big wishes for all your success and a prayer for all ones died on missions searching peace!!.. I'm for peace and love too! God Blessings to You all the Family and Your friends and all soldiers of the world!!
    big big hugs and God Blessings and wishes for a wonderful and happy Easter!

  4. Thank you, my dear sister Monia. Please thank Carmine for doing me the honor of becoming my brother. It is so nice to have relatives overseas. I have never seen the glories of Rome, the beautiful port of Naples, or most of the rest of the splendor of Italy.

    I look forward to meeting you and the rest of our family in due time. My wife is also very excited at the prospect of her first trip to Italy.

    It is us and our friends who carry the banner of peace throughout the world so that others may believe that the end of war is possible.

  5. Jorge, we are brothers in the struggle for the liberation of Mankind from the age-old threat of slavery and war. Thank you for all you do to inspire the troops of the virtual Army that is Soldiers For Peace International.

    Verna, some people have made the mistaken assumption that I am advocating immediate dissolution of government when I refer to anarchical warfare.

    The truth is that as long as there are powerful and wealthy men of such selfishness that they threaten the welfare of all of us, governments are necessary. Our job is to all become leaders in the struggle to make our governments represent the Peoples of all nations. It is only in our leaderless structure that we are anarchical.

    I do dream of a time when governments are not necessary because the Peoples of Earth will eventually realize that only by caring for each other can we assure the survival of human civilization as we know it should be. That is our duty to our children and the reason that we have enlisted in the historic cause of ending war forever by fighting together for liberty and justice for all.

  6. You are doing an important work for the good of all humanity, Rick. One of the greatest problems which needs solving is powerful people profit from preventing solutions.

  7. Dear Friends,

    I am very glad to join in Soldiers for peace International. Thank you. I am working for welfare of poor children in India

    Fortunately our organisation is selected and win permanent place in Global giving UK for our project Educate 300 displaced children in India.

    I request you to kindly study our project and share with your friends and community to support our cause with a small donation to provide education opportunities. I will be very grateful to your for your kind support to our loving children.

    To make a donation to our project will takes 5 minutes by using your bank cards

    Our project page:

    Thank you
    Joseph Antony

  8. Thank you, Exploring Heart and Bass. Together we can end fascism and war by joining others who are working for social justice in the US, India and the world at large.

  9. I had just turned 18..graduated from School..and the reality of seeing te world from a different angle..was scarry..Me and my best pal..looked at the future..and made the decision which would have profound effects on us both.."Hell with it lee..Lets join up..No not the circus..I'm thinking the service..No I ain't crazy..You a wuss..can't do hack it..I say the the Marine the badest place on earth..Lets see what the fuss is all was late summer 1965..I spent 22 months killing Charlie Cong around the Chu Lai arena...Lee went to Germany..I made it out alive..I have no complaints..It was my journey..But..It was a lie that got me there...I could never forgive the Corps for lying..I harbor no bad Karma..But I found the truth in a place of madness..Wars solve nothing..Old men can not get along..They send me and you to our doom ..for their folly..and be aware that...killing another human ..will have it's day with you at some is is necessary ..It may kill you ..but if you understand why we all must pay for our mistakes..than man up ..and learn to forgive is the way I see it

  10. Thank you Longryder for sharing your story. It is true that killing another is a line not easily crossed and once you do there is no going back.

    I am glad that you found your way home. I hope that your story will inspire others to find the courage to face themselves and the spiritual strength to forgive themselves.

    Guilt in the end is a selfish attempt to avoid punishment by a higher power. Punishing yourself for what you cannot change is a never-ending task that distracts you from the purpose of existence: making the world a better place for our children. That is all you meant to do when you bought the lie and all that is worth living for to anyone with a conscience.

    Those who you left behind are out of their misery and we can hope are in a better world than you and I. The only meaningful way to honor the sacrifices of those who died believing they were defending freedom is to work to assure that their children grow up in a better world than the one they have left behind.


    This film (Now censored/removed by YouTube) reveals, beyond ALL DOUBT the EVIL intent of those who wield 'power'. It proves that every human being with a conscience must band together with the single mission to be the destruction of this evil cabal. We are aware and trusting that God will judge them and mete out the proper punishment for their behavior. However, are we not complicit and subject to the same punishment if we do nothing to stop it? Does not our moral fiber make us stronger than them, with self-induced 'power'. From where does this 'power' derive? It surely is not conveyed by our Creator, Himself of infinite wisdom.

    When you have viewed this film, and seen the smugness and self-righteousness of those defending the actions of those in possession of this 'power', you must ask yourself if it is possible that they could be humans. How could any human with an ounce of passion ever defend such an atrocity? I found myself thinking that a bullet through the head would not be painful enough to extract justice for the people they have harmed.

    This is not a single, isolated case of this action. It has occurred thousands of times throughout history, at the hands of predecessors of those holding this 'power' today. Many have passed from life on this Earth, humanity is better for their demise, and they have received their punishment from God, their Creator. I must believe that God recognizes what is proper. I personally can not think of a punishment which would equal the crime.

    As we execute our mission, we must act with a pure heart. We must assemble as one Army, billions in number, and wage immediate War on this Cabal of Evil. We must not allow the illusion of 'wealth' deter us, for their 'wealth' is purely fictional. Their only strength is that we allow them to exist. Today, we rescind and terminate that allowance! Today, we take action! Today, we confront the evil! Today, we begin our mission, and make a difference in our, and all of humanity's, future. TODAY, WE RECLAIM OUR EARTH...!! Update: YouTube has censored this video. The Truth remains...!!

    1. Possible religious differences aside, it seems like we are on the same page, Jonathan. Thanks for your comments.

  12. I join but not.sure how to....robin

    1. To join Soldiers For Peace International on Facebook, just go to our page and ask, Robin. Thanks for your interest in helping build a united international front against fascism and war at the grassroots level!


    1. Thanks Jay and thank you for enlisting in our virtual Army. Every person who joins in this effort to help build a united international front against fascism and war is part of the solution.

  14. keep it up very nice anfd great work dear

    1. Thank you Mir. I always appreciate feedback. I hope you shared this with others!

  15. Memorial Day 2014
    A Remembrance

    ** My memory of war starts with World War II. I was just a boy during the war and it was largely an adventure to us, but I remember the quiet pride and the sadness in the eyes of the increasing number of mothers who hung a gold star in their window, never knowing if my mom might be next and my big brother, a Pearl Harbor survivor, gone.
    ** The wars, great and small, were legion in the last century. My dad lost his leg in the Phillippines in 1913. WW-I, was the “Great War to end all wars.” An entire generation died in the trenches. One of my uncles, who lied about his age, was the first, and youngest, soldier from Oregon to die in that war, at the battle of Chateau Thierry.
    ** The memory of man is short and only twenty years passed before another generation was thrown into the meat grinder to stave off domination by Hitler’s Nazis, Mussolini’s Fascists and Imperial Japan’s expansion.
    ** We had hardly buried the dead and recovered from the shock of the realities of nuclear annihilation when East and West went at it in Korea, a war which still goes on, the fighting finally just stopped by mutual agreement.
    ** The cold war and the covert wars went on, with the poisonous testing of nuclear and thermonuclear weapons. I was present at one such series in 1956. The memory has never ceased to haunt me. Then along came Vietnam. Since then, the “little” wars have gone on all over the world, like brush fires in the California hills, consuming human and material resources.
    ** In 2001, we saw the tragedy of 11 September and its aftermath. We watched another war start in Afghanistan, which has been swallowing up armies since the time of Alexander the Great. We are now in the thirteenth year of that war, and have fought a horrendous war in Iraq, which killed US troops in the thousands, and Iraqis in the hundreds of thousands and fostered still more hatred and unrest. We are facing yet another Ă˜bama instigated “preemptive” war in Iran and possibly Syria. Once more the toll will be enormous.
    ** Amongst the dead may be the man who would have discovered the cure to cancer and other deadly diseases, the composer who may have surpassed Mozart or Brahms, the playwright or poet who might have succeeded Shakespeare, the statesman who could have brought about world peace or the person who might have been able to end world hunger.
    ** Those are the might-have-been’s. The reality is the millions of humans who have died, fathers, brothers, sisters, mothers, children, fighters and civilians in this past century, all with the dream of peace and human dignity before them. Yet, with the new millennium, war still goes on around the world, and apparently it will continue until we once again learn to talk, negotiate and compromise, not legislate or dictate at the point of a gun.
    ** Let us give pause in remembrance of those who died, often alone and forgotten, victim of mine and booby trap, sniper fire or disease and infection, whose resting place is unmarked save for perhaps a little more verdant growth where they have nurtured the soil.
    ** Let us give pause in remembrance for those who survived, maimed in body or soul by the atrocity of war.
    ** Let us give pause in remembrance for those who survived to carry on, with nothing but memories, of which they do not speak.
    ** Let us give pause in remembrance for those whose lives ended abruptly, without warning, on 11 September. And of those of all nations and beliefs who continue to die by war and terrorism.
    ** Let us give pause and reflect, that we might carry out our lives in such a way that love and tolerance might overbalance hatred and bigotry in the scales of life and the dream of peace might become a reality, so those we remember today did not die in vain.
    Steve Osborn

  16. Count me in and thanks for the invite.

  17. Together to face the terror in the world

  18. You have already counted me in, Rick!

  19. Captain Dan Hanley
    Director -Pakistanis for 9/11 Truth
    Spokesperson - Whistleblowing Airline Emploees Assn
    Member - Pilots for 9/11 Truth

  20. Thanks Rick. I want to join this group who believes that war is an outdated type of reaction. It is barbaric and will be the end of all of us if we let it continue.

  21. Without a doubt militarism is grinding the living planet into dust.

  22. Rick, this is brilliant work. My veteran husband and I are in agreement with you on every point and every level. We look forward to meeting you through Braver Angels. Blessings, Lindianne