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Monday, May 23, 2011


Ever since the advent of war, those who would force others to submit to their will have used the technique of dividing the enemy in order to conquer them. When a People cannot put aside lesser differences to fight the threat of slavery, they are helpless against a united enemy. When a People are willing to risk all to preserve their freedom by fighting together in common cause, they can wage the type of asymmetric warfare that has proven to be highly effective in wars from the American Revolution to Afghanistan.  

In defending against a common enemy, traditional enemies must unite just as traditional enemies unite to wage war against them. In the American colonies in 1775, there were great divisions between the states, who were competing to pay the Crown its due under the conditions of the corporate charters that created them. Of these divisions, the greatest by far was over the question of slavery. Abolition societies had already been formed and sentiment against slavery in the North ran so high several colonies had banned slave importation prior to the battle of Bunker Hill. By 1777, Vermont had become the first state to abolish slavery. In an interesting twist of history, Vermont is also the first state to declare its intent to end economic enslavement by calling for a constitutional amendment to abolish corporate personhood.

Colonial Americans put aside the basic question of whether an ostensibly free nation would countenance slavery in order to fight against the united power of corporation and state that was Imperial Britain. Though visionaries like Thomas Jefferson realized that the question would fatally divide the United States if not addressed, this fundamental difference was put aside to fight in common cause against the fascist aggressor that had invaded the new nation. The result was the world’s first example of asymmetric warfare where a small and weak but determined opponent succeeded in defeating the power of the Empire of its day. 

In victory, the people of the newly united states of America quickly resumed their struggles against each other. Political parties arose in disregard of Washington’s warning to “beware the rise of factionalism.” Slave owners defended their prerogative in defiance of America’s claim of equality of all men. Bankers began plotting how to control the new nation as Britain was largely controlled by the Rothschilds, principle financiers of the East India Company. Women like Abigail Adams continued to be subjugated to men.
Eventually, each of these divisions led to upheaval as those who were left out of the American dream fought for their rights. 

A bloody Civil War was fought to preserve the Union that tolerated slavery because the ideal of freedom was more important than the fact that it had not yet been realized. In the course of this war that determined the viability of democracy in America, a decision was made to directly address the injustice that led to the proxy war between industrialists of the North and slave holders in the South. The proxies were of course the poor young men of the south who were unwittingly fighting for those who would willingly enslave them against the largely poor young men of the North who would become economic slaves of the rising class of fascists in America. 

Enslavement of African-Americans was ended because Lincoln and most of the nation had realized that it was not just Blacks who were enslaved. All men and women living in a system where slavery is tolerated themselves become slaves to the system. Unfortunately, few but Lincoln understood the danger of the rise of the Robber Barons, who gained power by profiteering during the Civil War, prospering as all corporate terrorists do from the blood, sweat and misery of the generations of youths who fight their wars for them.

When fascism was at its peak at the turn of the 20th century, the great nations of the world had aligned themselves with traditional enemies in order to fight for control of the world in the global game of Risk that was cynically marketed as the War to End All Wars. In the aftermath, the fascist nations who were victorious collected the spoils of victory from the dazed citizens of the defeated fascist nations. 

Fascism in the world grew stronger than ever as the essential ingredients of racial prejudice, nationalism, poverty and class warfare were stirred into the stewing consciousness of Germany, the US and other nations enduring the fallout of the Great Depression that was the legacy of the first attempt to establish a New World Order. In victory, the US was magnanimous and it seemed that under Franklin Roosevelt fascism had been defeated in the US. Who could have known that a generation later the son of a war profiteering traitor would become first the Chief of the CIA and then be selected President?

WWII was the result of the unfinished business of determining who would lead the fascist new World Order. Under existential threat once again, the people of the United States rose up to help defeat fascism in the world, only to ultimately collaborate with the rising tide of fascism in America and set the stage for today’s final assault on freedom in the world. In their satisfaction with material wealth the nation’s citizens became complacent about the actions of their government and accepted prosperity as their due.  For decades most Americans lived in blissful ignorance that their gains were at the cost of the life, liberty and happiness of most of the rest of the world.

In its naïve belief in American exceptionalism, the people of the United States have allowed corporate control of their government, which is the defining characteristic of a fascist nation. As in Nazi Germany, when things are going well most citizens are content not to know what is going on behind the curtain of government. As good Germans learned in 1945, such willful ignorance has a horrible price to pay.

Now is the time to rise and demand payment for the blood of the patriots who died that we might remain free in wars from 1775 to 1945. We must fight a bloodless war against the soulless vampires who are sucking the lifeblood of America to maintain an Empire that has cost the lives of tens of thousands of our youth from Korea to Afghanistan. We have a duty to them and to our children to assure that the last, greatest hope for Mankind does not perish from the Earth. If we are good enough to rule ourselves then we must prove it by putting aside our political differences to Take Back America for the People. 

Americans are very experienced at division but in this generation we must relearn the importance of unity. To finish the American Revolution, we must remember that to be American is to value liberty over life itself. When all the people of the nation are at once at risk of being enslaved by ruthless fascists with utter power over the government, it is time for us to fight together to restore power to the People. No single issue is important enough to divide us in this, our hour of crisis and opportunity.

It is time that we use the principle of division as a means of conquest to our own advantage. The military strategy of dividing forces can be dangerous if the opposition can destroy a large part of a rebel Army, but in asymmetrical warfare the rebel Army must be everywhere at once. Forming Divisions that operate openly on every street corner would not only protect the troops of our virtual Army but increase our visibility and sense of our presence everywhere and at all times. An America Uncut by political divisions is an America that cannot be defeated by the machinations of politicians and their corporate Puppetmasters.

With small bands of guerilla protesters on every corner of every street at random intervals, the reality of the renascent and growing American Revolution will become apparent to even the most sheepish American. If done in a proper spirit of fun and camaraderie, we can even employ this strategy of division to multiply our forces, educating our fellow citizens about the need to join the movement to guarantee the survival of freedom in the United States and in the world. This is how the Revolution began, when men and women spoke to their neighbors about their common problems without fear of offending those who might believe in different solutions. If there is one best answer then we must find it together.

If Americans can unite in the common cause of restoring democracy to the United States by calling for the passage of a constitutional amendment to abolish corporate personhood, they will end economic slavery not only in the US but in the world. A People once truly united can never be divided. I look forward to the coming day when I will stand shoulder to shoulder with my brothers and sisters in a free nation that is part of a globally interconnected free world. Together we can watch the destruction and fall of the Imperial Death Star to the strains of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture.

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