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Monday, May 9, 2011


In order to study the problem of how psychopaths came to control the United States government and use it to further the expansion of the Anglo-American Empire to create a fascist New World Order, it is instructive to consider the evolution of the Africanized bee, commonly referred to as the killer bee.

Like the rise of fascist power, the problem of killer bees was caused by the carelessness of those working to improve the species who did not appreciate the consequences of their actions. The bee was bred for its superior adaptability to hostile environments and its superior skill at gathering honey. This is a close analogy to the way that the super-rich economic elite were encouraged over time to become ever more aggressive in their pursuit of wealth. The myth that anyone can succeed in America was fostered by the notion that individual rights were supreme, even when they conflict with the rights of society as a whole.

Like these insects, the economic elite have been spreading until they now have invaded every nation in the world to one degree or another. In the US, the control of the government is almost entirely in the hands of the Puppet-masters of the government. This makes these international corporate terrorists particularly dangerous. They have increased in numbers to the point that when they swarm they become a danger to the life of democracy in America. Their invasion and control of the Hive mind that is the collective consciousness of Southerners mirrors the invasion of the killer bees in the same geographic region. Both types of insect are equally dangerous to individuals when in a swarm.

Unlike killer bees, the economic elite in America are not cross-bred but as in other royal lineages are quite inbred. That is the key to exterminating their wealth and power. While greed merely makes them stupid, inbreeding leads to genetic defects that make them developmentally disabled. As a result, they never develop the compassion necessary to become fully human. Having never suffered sufficiently, they lack the capability of understanding the consequences of their actions and are at great risk of the mental illness of greed. This manifests as the delusion that they alone are ordained by God to rule over their fellow Americans, who they regard as economic slaves fit only to serve their whims and gratify their boundless sense of entitlement.

The lack of ability to understand how normal people think is the great advantage of the People over these psychopaths. Our view of the world is one in which compassion is a given and cooperation does not depend solely on immediate reward. Friendship to us means caring about others, while for them it is a means to satisfy their selfish ends and is absent when the “friend” is unable or unwilling to serve their self-centered interests. It is a lonely world for those who like killer bees are driven to outcompete their seemingly weaker relatives with whom they share common genes.

Amateur sociologists like Ayn Rand and professional biologists like E.O. Wilson differ on the relative survival value of cooperation versus competition. While Rand has argued that all species survive by selfish competition, Wilson and others point out that it is only through cooperation but insect species and other animals and even plants have survived environmental stressors that have caused the extinction of more genetically diverse species. It is the willfull ignorance of the selfish that will inevitably result in their removal from the gene pool as the waste of protoplasm that they are.

There have been other invasions of aggressive species throughout the history of humankind, but never one so deadly as the worldwide invasion of the fascists who now control much of the world. Other Empires have risen and collapsed from the accumulated weight of the greed and immorality that is the inevitable result of their unbounded lust for wealth and power. In this global age, the destruction of this latest Empire could come with blinding speed if the People of the Earth come to realize the collective power that a People united can wield in the cause of liberty and justice for all. It is this knowledge of our interdependence that is our greatest weapon in the war against fascism and war.

The only way to protect ourselves from killer bees and other dangerous insects like the corporate elite is to keep them separated so that they cannot swarm. By working one interest group against another, we can use their own tactics of dividing and conquering to eradicate the selfish and destructive mutant species of fascists from the world. As an example, if we focused our organizing efforts to unite the Left and Right to fight the universally unpopular medical insurance companies we would force their Puppets in Congress to abandon them to their fate in the interests of their own political survival. After that we attack the centralized energy interests of coal, oil and nuclear that are leaving a swath of environmental destruction and war in the wake of their advance. Finally, the banksters will be isolated with no one left to defend them against the righteous fury of a People too long denied economic justice because of their wealth and power.

The way to simultaneously attack all of these interests is to attack the Queen bee which is corporate personhood. This is the source of power of the drones that are destroying the planet with their endless search for the honey that is money. This will require a constitutional amendment and that will require a united front against fascism and war that is built on the common interests of all the people of the United States who are artificially divided into Left and Right, Democrat and Republican, religious and irreligious and other self-imposed distinctions.

When the people of the United States end the un-Civil War and unite to finish the Revolution, democracy will be restored. The Left and Right must eventually come together to end fascism in America. Then it will be up to us to determine whether we want to live in a nation that values individual privilege over the collective good. A People who are not virtuous enough to run their own government in the best interests of all is a People that do not value democracy. As long as one of us is not free, none of us is truly free.

I have a deep faith in the essential goodness of all people so have no doubt as to the outcome. Democracy is the most deeply held value of all Americans and all those who understand its true nature. Self-government is the ultimate means of obtaining liberty and justice for all. Until we put this belief into action we risk losing the liberty we cherish. If the dis-United States of America can once more strive to form a more perfect union, the last and greatest hope for Mankind shall not perish from the Earth.


  1. Thank you Larry and thanks for all your important work in the cause of peace and justice for veterans and all Peoples of the world.