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Sunday, April 1, 2012


meek (noun):

1. Humbly patient or docile, as under provocation from others.

Overly submissive or compliant; spiritless; tame.

3. Obsolete : gentle; kind.

Imagine a world where the strongest have all political power. Most people would concede that this was the world of the Roman Empire, a fascist entity kept in power by the Pax Romana, a system of colonialism enforced by the Roman Legions. Is this the type of Republic people mean when they insist that the United States was never meant to be a democracy?

Of course it doesn’t take much imagination to visualize such a world because we are living in it. All it takes is for people to be willing to open their eyes to the obvious truth that we are living in a fascist New World Order controlled by a small elite who are busy trying to enslave us all in a system that puts the interests of a few over the interests of every other citizen of Earth. Once a critical mass of people realize this and work together to support resistance by all the Peoples of the world, we have in place the means to destroy the system of plutocracy that has plagued Mankind since the first tribes formed.

How can the meek inherit the Earth if “meek” is defined as docile, compliant and submissive in the face of outrageous provocation? Clearly, the idea is preposterous. The key is to recognize that the obsolete meaning of the term is the only way to make sense of the idea that the meek shall inherit the Earth. Soldiers do not kill out of hate in most cases; they kill out of love of their nations, their families, their countrymen and the love of their comrades in arms who face death with them in defense of the ideal of freedom and justice.

If love can allow us to kill, it can save us from killing ourselves, but only if we abandon the notion that we as individuals belong to families and nations that are not part of the one family of Mankind that is composed of relatives living in different cultures and different places. You cannot kill with kindness; you can only build the relationships that will make killing a part of the past only dimly remembered by our children. Love is the basis for an international united front againstfascism and war that can conquer all injustice with the power of love.

There are some so frightened of change that they are docile and submissive in the face of grave injustice, even when they are the victims. Those who refuse to bow to the will of self-appointed Masters of the Universe will free the weak minded and weak willed despite their fears. We must accept that they are prisoners of their own beliefs who are unable to free themselves. We hold the key to their self-imposed prisons and must resolve to free all of them in order to complete the liberation of Mankind and bring about a world where it is implicitly understood that what is best for the individual is always what is best for all. This is the Tectonic Paradigm Shift that will save human civilization from otherwise certain self-destruction.

The next time you feel the urge to lash out in anger at the willfully ignorant who would oppose our nonviolent democratic Revolution, remind yourself that we are all in this situation together. It is natural in a hostage situation that different people will react differently. Some people will identify with the aggressor and wittingly or blindly aid them in their oppression. Others will resist. In freeing the hostages of the international corporate terrorists, we must take care not to harm those who suffer from the Stockholm syndrome in the process.

Only by learning and applying these principles can we hope to successfully wage nonviolent asymmetric warfare that will liberate mankind and create a world where our children can enjoy freedom from oppression, misery and war. Should we isolate and demonize the unwitting fascist collaborators in our midst, we will only sow the seeds of a counter-revolution. When the world is free we can reeducate the willfully ignorant not through compulsion, which leads to resistance, but by the living example of our lives and the creation of a human society where liberty and justice for all are more than just lofty ideals.

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