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Sunday, April 15, 2012


From anarchists to Tea Party supporters, everyone in the US who senses something terribly wrong in the world wants to build a movement to change the course of history. They will fail until they realize that every day wasted fighting each other instead of the real enemy is one more day that will see the deaths of thousands of innocents at the hands of the international corporate terrorists who control the US and UK governments and by proxy, most of the other governments of the world.

Most Americans who are just waking up to the havoc wreaked by their own greed, complacency and despair believe that it is their fellow citizens who have led the nation down a path to self-destruction. This causes them to aggregate into groups bound only by superficial attributes that isolate them from others. This is a natural human tendency but one that must be fought if we are to bind together enough people to form a movement that can claim to truly represent the 99% who are the victims of the class war that they are losing in battlegrounds around the world.

Those of us who want to help form an a leaderless movement to take back America in time to save human civilization must begin looking for the values and beliefs that can unite us. We can make common cause to pursue liberty and justice for everyone of our fellow citizens of the Earth. We all share and depend on the natural resources of the planet for our individual and collective survival. We must learn that all of us are more alike than different. What we have in common is much more important than our differences. Our diversity is necessary for the survival of human civilization.

None among us is without fault. We cannot say that others are the problem if we deny that we are each part of one human society, because that makes us part of the problem. The infighting between those on the Left is the reason that they have not succeeded in forming a unified front since the Vietnam era. Focusing on differences in strategy and tactics rather than supporting all nonviolent means of change has kept them weak and divided. On the Right, the opposite is true. In discouraging individual thought and following self-interested leaders propped up by their control of the corporate media, the Right has destroyed any hope that genuine conservative leaders can help stop the madness of the neocon assault on humanity.

Even while those on the Left begin to unite by tearing down the walls between them, they can begin to bridge the gap between the Right and Left. We all share disgust at the betrayal of the middle class by the millionaires in Congress who put corporate interests above those of We the People. We all laud individual responsibility but must recognize that the collective good comes from recognizing social responsibility. If we can agree that it is money in politics that is at the root of the assault on democracy in the US, we can begin to move forward together. We must recognize that a nation that was created by people of different beliefs must put aside its differences in the cause of justice. This is how we can forge a new sense of American identity as citizens whose government is one of, by and for the People and not merely the 1%.

Although the media is not reporting it, there is already a movement to heal the divisions between the Left and Right. In Occupy encampments around the United States, Ron Paul supporters began to talk to their counterparts on the liberal Left who share their outrage at the theft of our children’s future by the banksters who crashed the US and world economies. They are united in calling for an end to wars of corporate Empire. While they differ on the political means to achieve this, they stand together to promote these values. This is the first step in unifying the voices of the Left and Right to create a chorus of demands for change rather than the discordant cacophony of those focused solely on issues they see as directly affecting them. When health care reformers join hands with antiwar activists, environmental warriors and those fighting lonely battles for their pet causes, our collective strength can build a groundswell for change that will change the collective consciousness to one in which our interdependence is recognized by all.

Liberty and justice for all are only secured by democracy. The people of the United States must form a consensus in order for their leaders to understand that they will no longer tolerate being enslaved by a corporate elite. When Americans abandon the notion that the constitution was formed not by God but by imperfect men forced to compromise by the urgent need to fight fascism in Colonial America, they will understand the need to amend the constitution to ban corporate contributions in elections. This is the only way to assure that corporate money will no longer dictate to the Puppets in the US government what course the nation will take.

When Americans create a true democracy in the United States, they can help spread democracy to other nations not at the barrel of a gun but through the example they will set. The US can once more become a shining beacon of the hope for self determination of all nations when its citizens act on the recognition that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are all in this together. None of us will escape alive. During our short time on this planet we have an inescapable duty to those who have died believing that they sacrificed their lives for freedom to assure that the last, best hope for Mankind will not perish from the Earth. More importantly, we have a duty to our children and generations yet unborn to assure that they will grow up in a world free from the twin threats of want and war.

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