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Thursday, January 13, 2011


The progressive movement is largely failing to make clear the extent of the corruption of every agency of government by corporate influence. Many are waking up to the fact that they must incorporate the message of the movement to abolish corporate personhood in their message, but they must also underscore the importance of the issue by pointing out the corruption of Congress and federal agencies. The abolition of corporate personhood is not just another issue but THE issue we must confront first if we are to advance the progressive agenda.

The significance of both the move to amend the Constitution and the fight against government corruption is that these issues can be a means of uniting those who think of themselves as liberals with the more open minded among those who think of themselves as conservative. The truth is that neocons have redefined conservatism and this anti-democratic movement has been portrayed as conservative by the corporate media. This is well documented by former Nixon chief counsel John Dean in his excellent series of books about how the forces of fascism in America have taken over the Party that he used to admire.

Eighty percent of self-identified conservatives expressed disagreement with the Citizens United decision expanding the “right” of corporations to influence elections through money directed at corporatist candidates of both the Republican and Democratic Parties. They also recognize that government is corrupt, even if they do not equate the two thanks to media propaganda. This presents a unique opportunity for self identified liberals to reach out to the rank and file of the Tea Party movement that is no longer under the control of the Republican Party, contrary to the myth fostered by the liberal media. The meida on the Left must realize that they have become cheerleaders for a Democratic Party if it continues to move to the right it will soon be so anti-union and pro-corporatism it will be indistinguishable from its so-called opponents.

The time has come for progressive activists to work together to both expose the corruption of our government by supporting whistleblowers and spreading the truth they are trying to get out. This is critical for building support for the movement to abolish corporate personhood. The only way to build a movement large enough to challenge the corporatocracy is to quit begging for real change from the Democratic Party and reach out to real conservatives to build a third Party movement to challenge politicians from both Parties who put corporate interests over those of the People.

We can work to support honest politicians but we can no longer support a either of two corporate Parties whose central leadership seems only concerned with keeping incumbents in office. The support of corporatists like Blanche Lincoln and Arlin Specter as well as the failure to protest the obviously engineered primary victory of unknown Alvin Green should have convinced Democratic loyalists that they are no longer represented by their Party. We must build a third party movement that will replace corporatists of both parties with candidates who want to create real progress on the issues threatening not only the economic vitality of the US but the prospects for restoring democracy to America.

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