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Saturday, January 15, 2011


Some people question the use of militaristic jargon by peace activists. There are several reasons that we choose to refer to ourselves as soldiers building an Army to fight a war for justice on behalf of the oppressed Peoples of the world. The first is that we must understand our enemy and develop strategies to counter the international corporate terrorists that profit from war. This is a very real war in the sense that people are dying because of the ruthless methods that the corporatocracy uses in its quest for dominance of all the world’s resources. In a time of increasing conflict in America and the world, we are fighting a war in a very real sense, but one that depends on avoiding resorting to violence.

While all veterans involved in the movement hope that the day will come that we won’t study war no more, that day has yet to arrive. Until it does, we must study the ways by which an increasingly militaristic network of governments working for Empire achieve its goals through economic warfare, bribery of corrupt junior partners, murder of leaders who resist and intimidation of the rest through the threat of endless war at the whim of the Puppetmasters of the US government.

The war on the Peoples of the world has come home to the United States, though few Americans seem to understand that the economic depression that has turned American against American will not end without fundamental changes that our government clearly will not make until forced to do so. Too few in America understand that the real enemy is the corporate network that dominates the electoral process through the contributions to campaigns for members of Congress. These politicans have become Meat Puppets who consciously or unwittingly surrender their duty to the People in favor of keeping themselves in power. 

Citizens United brought home this message, generating the anger of nearly 80% of both self-identified liberals and conservatives who all understand that corruption in the United States government is a clear and present danger to democracy itself. We can use this common understanding to create the overwhelming force that will flank and destroy the media forces of media propaganda only be abandoning media-created distinctions that politicians use to maintain the illusion that either Party is working in the interest of the People.

In terms of military strategy, the enemy has exposed itself to a coordinated attack in the belief that we cannot organize to fight it. The corporatocracy has a simple strategy to keep the Peoples of all nations fighting each other where some semblance of democracy exists and buying the loyalty of ruthless strongmen where it does not. If we unite to fight this war together, our numbers are overwhelming. The leadership of the drive for world domination are the Anglo-American fascists in government and industry who see the 21st century as the advent of a New World Order that will be maintained through increasingly oppressive and violent means. It must be they and not each other who we target.

The “alternative” media has helped these psychopathic individuals unwittingly. In continuing to portray the battle for the soul of America in stark terms of sensible Americans versus those with no concern for the welfare of others, these gatekeepers of the Left keep alive the myth fostered by the corporate media that somehow the other side is “un-American.” They do not have to use this term to rally the troops to do battle with the “other side.” 

Almost universally, the best known of the leaders in the “progressive” media give publicity only to Democrats and Independent Bernie Sanders, hoping in vain that somehow a minority of our Representatives in Congress can impose its will on the growing number of Americans who rightly fear the power of a government controlled by a majority in both Houses of Congress. The steady drift toward the goals of the corporate agenda is obvious. 

We do not have time in an age of the threats to human civilization by continual environmental crises, economic devastation leaving millions suffering and the threat of endless war to wait for a miracle that will force either Party to see the consequences of its failure to follow their moral duty. We must be the change that we want to see in the world by looking inward to find our higher self that exists independently of our fears, anger and narrow perceptions of self-interest.

It matters little which of the corporate parties is in the majority. Neither party is led by men and women who are willing to challenge the corporate power that keeps them in their privileged positions. When the liberal media focuses on what the Republicans are doing, they serve as yet another echo chamber for the right, because those Americans who support the other side of the corporate Duopoly are offended by the insulting rhetoric of the Left. The “liberal” media continually presents an increasingly corporate-dominated Democratic Party as the only alternative to the even worse Republican Party. This ignores recent history, including the fact that it is the critical middle that elected Barack Obama in the clear hope that this relative unknown with the calm manner would somehow create the change that he constantly told us we ourselves must be.

The critical mass of Americans who see through the myth that either party is fighting for the People react to this hypocrisy by alternately punishing one side or the other in what appears to be an irrational reaction to partisans of either party. We must work together to educate the general public that there is a simple solution to ending the un-Civil War that has turned increasingly violent. Only by reaching out to all Americans can we expect to build the “Army” we need to end corporate control of our government. 

Soldiers For Peace International was founded to help develop an increasingly interconnected network of all Americans who are sick of a government that is no longer one of the People, by the people and for the People. It is international in scope because we cannot win this war against fascism until the Peoples of the world see that they too are being manipulated by the Empire to fight each other rather than those who would enslave them in the quest for world domination. 

We are all in this together and only by reaching out to each other as citizens of our nations and of the world, we can exercise the power of the People to end injustice of every kind. The principle battle is being fought in the heart of Darkness, the jungle of America where the dreams upon that nation was founded have been forgotten and history is being rewritten so that the corporate media can replace it with the nightmare that is fascism.  Americans must remember that irrelevant distinctions were set aside during the Revolution that led to the American experiment in democracy. 

We can forge a consensus on a future that guarantees our inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness only by working together on a cause that should unite all Americans: The abolition of corporate personhood. Only by making it illegal for corporations to buy the loyalty of those who hold the fate of the nation in their hands can we hope to ensure justice not only for all Americans, but all Peoples of the world suffering under the yoke of Imperialism that is threatening to destroy America itself.

I urge those who feel that the Democratic or Republican Party is the only bulwark against enslavement by “the other side” learn to talk to each other in terms of mutual respect. There is a solution to the problem of corporate control of the US government, but we can only achieve it together. We cannot expect either party in the corporate duopoly that has led us to the brink of fascism in America to save us. Former partisans are increasingly acknowledging that both are controlled by the very corporations that have already stripped the carcass of the American economy of nearly all of its flesh. 

We can challenge the Parties by running truly independent candidates through a united third-party movement. When we succeed, we will teach the cynical psychopaths a lesson that they will ignore at their peril. Those who have allowed the United States government to fall into the hands of a plutocracy with no concern for the Peoples of America or the world will finally understand the power of a People united in the common cause of freedom and justice for all.

You can read more about to form an anarchical movement to restore democracy to America as a means to achieving peace in the world by reading the online book of essays Stop the Madness: The Diary of a Soldier For Peace in the War to Take Back America. It is linked to the website of Take Back America for the People”
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