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Sunday, February 13, 2011



Today's blog is based on the essay A Brief History of Slavery, from the online book of essays Stop the Madness: The Diary of a Soldier For Peace in the War to Take Back America.

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As the international corporate terrorists enter the final stages of their attempt to impose a fascist New World Order, it behooves us to consider how Peoples have successfully overcome slavery in throughout history. The essential principle is that revolutions are never successful unless those fighting the slavery of fascism first succeed at freeing their minds from the illusion that we are separate and at war with each other rather than fascism itself. We must therefore tear down the Walls that Divide Us to organize the Army of Soldiers For Peace who have never lost a war of liberation once assembled.

Israelis fought enslavement in Egypt by accepting the belief that the only way to become free was to first become free in their own minds, then collectively decide that they would simply not submit to slavery. In earlier times, the Israeli Joseph had won the gratitude of the Pharoah by saving both the Egyptian People and the Israeli slaves through the foresight of storing grain against a famine which soon came. Interestingly, Joseph had been ostracized by his own family before demonstrating his worth. In demonstrating that acting in the interest of all is always the most moral and rewarding thing to do, he earned the right to freedom of the Israeli slaves, even if the Pharoah did not acknowledge it.  Those of the Jewish, Christian and Islamic faiths believe that God intervened as a reward for the sometimes feckless faith of his Chosen People of that time and place.

It seems that prophets arise from time to time when Peoples have accepted the notion that slavery is the nature of life. This is never true because whether granted by God or not, all men and women posses the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Thus, slavery is the greatest evil creation of Mankind because it robs the individual of all these to serve the interests of those in power who regard themselves as having a the God-given right to rule others. This is no different than at other times and places throughout history. The difference in this time and place in the space-time continuum that we all share is that they want to impose slavery on the world so that they will control it in their interests in perpetuity.

This is also our golden opportunity to end slavery once and for all, freeing ourselves from the threat that it can ever arise again from the ashes of the fascist Empire that we are preparing to crush. The internet provides the means to organize across national borders to fight for liberty and justice for all. We simply have to remember that the Qua'ran teaches that the first jihad is the war within each of us to conquer our selfish animal natures and recognize that we are all part of a larger whole that is the human race. Our collective consciousness must undergo a Tectonic Paradigm Shift. I therefore ask the question: What if God Were All of Us?

There are many forms of enslavement. The most important is that which we impose on ourselves by closing our minds to the simple truth that we are all interconnected. Krishna, Buddha, Christ and Muhammad all taught us this in various times and places where we have forgotten it and allowed ourselves to be made slaves of the selfish and self-righteous. If we have faith in anything, we must have faith in the power of the Peoples to successfully wage a peaceful war to free ourselves form the grip of fascism. If we can find the will to imagine that we are one human family, that we are all citizens of the world before all other things, that the internet connects our thoughts so that it forms a collective consciousness that rejects the notion that war is inevitable, we shall overcome some day. It appears to me that day will come far sooner than the self-annointed Masters of the Universe can prepare to stop it.

Peace everlasting everywhere to all People who hold love in their hearts individually and collectively for all.

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