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Friday, February 25, 2011


Those who choose to swim with sharks have a dictum: The enemy of my enemy is my friend. This is the warrior mentality of those frightened of freedom. Instead of upholding the rights of the People from whom all just authority to govern comes, they fight on the side of those who would impose worldwide fascism on behalf of the international corporate terrorists who seek to enslave us all in a fascist New World Order.

When those who work for a fascist Empire have taken an oath to defend the nation and its People from all enemies, foreign and domestic they commit treason in violating this sacred oath. The military does not exist to serve a government but the people for whom it exists to serve. As we are seeing in Libya, Egypt and elsewhere there are struggles taking place between the democratic and fascist factions within their militaries. Success of the worldwide war on fascism depends on the success of democratic forces in the militaries of the world in crushing the fascist elements that infect their ranks.

As I have often said, the US military will play a critical role as resistance to fascism builds in the United States. Those who have taken the oath to defend their People must come to realize that when international corporate terrorists have seized the government, the government has become fascist. It is therefore their duty to resist unlawful orders, put in check the fascist elements among them and assure that there is a peaceful transition to democracy in America. 

The FBI and the various “intelligence” agencies are controlled by fascists with a political agenda. The CIA is operating openly in the United States in violation of the law and the FBI is operating in torture chambers around the world, also violating US and international law. The Department of Injustice serves only to preserve and protect the fascist traitors who are the real enemies of freedom. The CIA aids and abets crimes against humanity in service of the international corporate terrorists with whom they have thrown in their lot for a few pieces of silver.

Military intelligence agencies must begin to use their strategic positions to prepare to resist a fascist hostile takeover for America and they must do it now. The President cannot act freely to serve the People with a gun held to his head. It is up to the US military to disarm the fascists who murder men like the Kennedys, Martin Luther King, Jr and Obama, if he opposes them without the support of the People of the United States.

As the rank and file of unions wake up and realize the threat to the American middle class posed by the fascist agenda, average Americans are beginning to see that an assault on any American is an assault on us all. Now is the time to seize the moment. A People united cannot defeated because the power of fascists depends on our ignorance and submission. They achieve this goal only when we allow ourselves to fall victim to unreasoning fear. We have nothing to fear but fear itself and we must cause the death of fear to  become an effective fighting force of Soldiers For Peace.

Tea Party supporters understand that their government is not working for them but do not understand that it is in fact working for the international corporate terrorists who are the Puppetmasters of the US government and the “intelligence” agencies that represent them in the US and around the world. It is up to dissidents in the military and these agencies to rise up and help us Take Back America for the People. A democratic United States will work for liberty and justice for all of the Peoples of the world, for that is the will of its People. 

No truly democratic society has ever made war on another. It is those selfish, shortsighted “leaders” whose tribal mentality keeps us at war with ourselves instead of banding together to fight the traitors who have seized our government in a fascist coup and are intent on imposing a fascist New World Order in which we will all be enslaved, either economically or literally. 

All of Mankind claims to want world peace but too few believe that it is possible. They do not realize that the basic principle of democracy is that the People are capable of ruling themselves in the best interests of all. When enough of us reject the notion that war is inevitable, it will inevitably become unthinkable.

The inherent goodness of men and women is hard to accept when one looks at the behavior of our fascist leaders and those who support them around the world. The truth is that fascists believe that they are acting according to the nature of Man as intended by God. They have deluded themselves into believing that in serving their own narrow self interest that they are ensuring their children the future they believe God has ordained for them, one in which they have the God-given right to rule over the masses. Hence their belief that fascism was the original intent of the founders of modern democracy.

The weaknesses of fascists are many and easy to exploit. Because they believe that Mankind is inherently competitive and self interested, their alliances constantly shift as they jockey for power within the fascist New World Order they are conspiring to create. The most powerful among them have convinced the others to wage war on the Peoples of the nations they control. This means that as conditions change, they will turn on one another as they sense weakness in their friends of convenience. 

While that is not yet apparent on the world stage today, history teaches us that it is inevitably the case. Hitler's betrayal of  the Soviet Union is a prime example of how this happens and also the best example of why it fails. The only motivation of the fascist is to accumulate wealth and power. Life is a zero-sum game of Monopoly to them. They believe that because the rules of the game are rigged in their favor, they cannot lose in the end.

What these simple minded, self-styled Masters of the Universe so not understand is that when they use the anger and fear of the People to control them, those lovers of democracy and freedom will find a way to change the rules. The fascists cannot fight us because to fight a war you must understand your enemy

Their utter lack of the fascist mind to understand the nature of the individual motivated to serve the interests of all makes them unable to see how the Peoples of the world can rise as one to crush the corporatocracy on which their control depends. Having no real compassion for others and therefore no real friends, when we begin to take them down one at a time, in the end they will have no one left to defend them.

The worldwide Revolution against fascism has begun. Which side are you on?

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